Igala Youth Carnival 2018 and Unity of Purpose

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The unity of purpose and oneness that had been the hall mark of Igala unity and strength seems to be gradually eluding us. This assertion might not be accepted by all but let us considered the following empirical scenario.
There exists today a term “dichotomy between the East and West” i.e, Ankpa versus Idah and Dekina axis, each feeling superior and more “civilized” than other. This is evidently robbing on Igala development. It gave rise to the usage of the term Akpoto, Eju ogba, Ibaji and abacha.
This is not only a misnomer but derogatory and misleading. The Igalas are confronted with a lot of Challenges in the 21st century, these can be sub divided into social, moral and political challenges. Most paramount to this piece is political.
Politics in Igala land has taken a disturbing trend. Some may say its healthy for democracy but its limitations stop where rancor begins. Where is that sense of purpose and unity that has been our hallmark?
Socially, we are beginning to embrace other people’s culture to the detriment of ours, even when culture is said to be dynamic, such dynamism must not mean abandoning ones culture in totality but rather developing it without necessary destroying it.
The tomorrow of our youth depends on what there do socially today. Acculturation also affect the moral value of our people, respect for elders, obedience to the constituted authorities, hard-working, dedication and self-respect all are paramount embedded in the Igala culture.
Yesterday we prepared for today, today let us consider it to be our tomorrow that we have waited for too long. Having said that, the onus is on the leaders to consolidate the foundations of yesterday.
Let all those who are genuinely interested in building this great land of ours come forward and there will earn the support of Abutu Eje, Amana Abogili, Okoliko, Akumabi, Itodo Aduga, Ayegba Oma – Idoko, Aliyu Obaje, Omaodoko, Inikpi and host of others whose labours shall not be in vain.
But those who are only interested in exploiting this great land of ours shall earn the anger and wrath of the people and their tomorrow shall be filled with misery and grief.
– Sule Isa Akagwu KPALEKO 
Anyigba – Kogi State.
Organiser: Who’s Who in Igalaland/Madira Group
Powered by Hilary Amodu/Mariam Indira Emeje
Date: 16th June, 2018
Venue: Kogi State University Stadium, Anyigba.

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