IFTAR Digest: All Encompassing Veneration of Qur’an

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One of the essential activity in this auspicious month is the continuous recitation of Qur’an. One would best appreciate his recitation upon knowing the nobility and greatness thus the need for it’s all encompassing veneration.

Suffice is to say that no writing has ever called a man to do the good works and elevated the virtuous of life as the Qur’an has done

Suffice is to say that no book has elevated the human soul to the level to which Quran has raised it

Suffice is to say that no book has emphasised virtue, mercy, fraternity and love, cooperation and harmony; charity and kindness; loyalty and trustworthiness; sincerity and good intention; justice and forgiveness; patience and forbearance; humility and submission; virtue and goodness; the commandment to good and forbiddance of evil with as much power, persuasion and sublimity as the Qur’an has done.

No book has ever spoken against weakness and fear; favouritism and jealousy; hatred and injustice; lying and libel; avarice and prodigality; false witness and perjury; aggression and corruption; cheating, treason and all vice as profoundly and persuasively as the revelation which came to the Arab Prophet SAW.

The reader will find no Surah in the Qur’an in which the call to virtue, the commandment to good, the forbiddance of evil and the pursuit of perfection are not central.

O Allah! Distance us from fire and whatever draws one closer to it in speech and deeds and grant us Paradise and whatever draws one closer to it in speech and deeds. Aameen


Iftar Digest Team

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