“I Ate Cashews to Survive”; Ex-SSS Official Shares His Experience With Fulani Kidnappers in Kogi State

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Former senior official at the State Security Service, Mike Ejiofor was kidnapped last Sunday in Kogi State. Mr Ejiofor has been the Chairman of Apex Safety and Security Consultants in Abuja since retiring from service years ago. He and his driver regained freedom after paying N15m ransom.
They both spent four days in captivity.
He shared his experience with the kidnappers said to be of Fulani extraction, with a friend, Alkasim Abdulkadir, who then shared it on twitter. See his tweets below;
“I was kidnapped alongside my driver, we walked all day, sleep anywhere darkness meets us.
“The kidnappers were of Fulani extraction and well organized. They first check your devices iPad, phones to see bank alerts. They first valued me at 30 Million saying I was a big man driving an SUV
“They said they got Intel that an SUV was approaching. Less than a kilometer away was a Police check point.
“I ate cashews to survive.
“They treated me respectfully -saw my ID card (former SSS Director) said you are the people killing Boko Haram, told them I retired long ago
“They had cooks, geeks, guides and people on the outside -a well oiled criminal enterprise.
“My perception has changed if you are kidnapped, please pay”.
Mike Ejiofor and his driver regained freedom after paying 15 Million Naira. They spent 4 days in captivity.
Kidnapping for ransom has stabilized as a well structured lucrative criminal enterprise -a clear & present danger to all of us. Stay safe.

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