Yahaya Bello: A Cause of Education Quagmire and Family Tsunami

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The education sector of Kogi State have hitherto been on a smooth and steady level in comparison to the current administration even though there were some trivial misunderstanding between the Past administration and the civil servant especially the teachers and the lecturers in the state institutions.

There is a saying that until you lose what you have you may not valued it which has now become our current situation in the state ever since this presence administration of “new direction” emerged in our dear state.

I have been watching carefully to at least picture out the direction to which this administration is taking us to but realized that they is no other new direction rather than the current state of quagmire we are experiencing in Kogi State. Our situation can now be likened to that of the children of Israel and the pachydermous and scrooge pharaoh
whose ear is blunt to the plight of the people.

It is now obvious and very unfortunate that this administration  has nothing to write home about in spite of the prodigious rate of money coming to the state.

One of my major concern is the reprobating of education sector by this administration as well as denying people of their entitlement.

There is no wicked way of murdering other than what is currently going on in Kogi State where hunger have claim so many lives, kidnapping and demanding for ransom is increasing on a daily basis all because every body is looking for means to survive this current state of salary tsunami.

BELLO should understand that Kogi State is not run as an oligarchy state were we only have government of the Governor, the chief of staff and the closed associate but rather it should be run based on democracy were the interest of the masses are highly considered and favoured.

There is an adage that when you pursue animal to the wall, he will turn back and face you. The people of Kogi State are being pushed to the wall and may react back if nothing is done to turn back the hand of time.

– James Arome

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