House of Reps Race: Arc. Salman Idris the Most Qualified, Sellable Candidate for Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu

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We all know that, it is God that gives power to whoever He wants, but using our own judgment, we know that ARC. SALMAN IDRIS will do well in the house of representatives. Remember, whoever God chooses He appoints, and whoever He appoints is the Chosen. And don’t forget that power belongs to God.

ARC. Salman is a saleable candidate for us all the the constituency considering his antecedents, wealth of experience, honesty, capacity and capability speak volumes.

As a close ally, I chose to make this briefing without his consent, yet I am doing it due to his impressive vision for our dear constituency.

His foresight in so many areas will be useful for our people. He is loyal, detribalised and a man with human feelings.

Had been with him for many years, and I want to tell you all that, ARC. Salman has formidable relationship with friends, couleages for more than three decades without any blemish. I know him personally and I also know his capabilities and potentials.

Our constituency is one of the populous constituency in Yoruba race, nation and in the world. The responsibility that comes with that is enormous. No doubt that the destiny of the entire constituency is tied to the greatness, truthfulness, sincerity and accessibility of our representatives.

If our constituency must be great, we have the responsibility to choose the leadership that will bring about true transformation across every facet of our communities. Who is that rallying figure that should lead us in this journey come 2023?

The answer is deeply connected to our mission and purpose here today. That person must be a detribalised, accessible, and a bridge builder, who is trusted. A thinker who must sustain and build on the legacies of our hero’s past. That person is the reason we are shouting, begging and appealing to our people to think beyond party affiliation, rather, candidacy. That person is our great man, ARC SALMAN IDRIS.

Let us tell the naysayers and those who are still in doubt that we are ready to work for the realisation of this ambition irrespective of our differences politically, because ARC. SALMAN is the Number one salable candidate for KBI House of representatives.

Let us preach this gospel with diligence, dedication and high sense of commitment. Salman is an unfolding success story our constituency deserves at this time.

We must see ourselves in line with Salman’s political ideals. To be open to all, tolerate various interests and embrace everyone.

We must reflect those ideas of this in our utterances and actions. You cannot afford to disappoint us on this mission.

Your support would help to ensure that individuals and groups continue to have free access to credible and reliable information for our constituency development.

Tiwan Tiwa Lokan!

– Comrade Samuel Olorunmaiye.

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