House of Reps 2019: Hon. Nathaniel for Next Level

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Of course, one won’t be put to suspense whenever his name is ever refers to. He has carved for himself a notch when he represented Kabba-Bunu in Local Council as a Chairman and as well as in Kogi State House of Assembly respectively. This top notch achievement was billed by his revered for uncommon purchase of good spirit. No doubt, Hon. Nathaniel Ojo Taiwo left a stretcher’s marks that can not be wave away with a stroke of hands by any armchair vitriolic.
Let me not risk overstating his accomplishments, because am sure it not going to be a freer voyage. With his pedigree, the narrative has endeavour no ill-conceit to self confidence in his journey to next-level in appreciation of his breathtaking achievement in the former treatise. This time, the benefit of hind credentials is that he should be credited for 2019 House of Representative bid.
Nathaniel is a household resource with immense innovation for development. His performance soapbox truly endeared me greatly and as well fired my imagination to respect his wand as an effective political figure. Although, there are two sides to any story-  constructive and destructive. But in any account, history will give him a soft landing.
As the master of ceremony, the fear of in eventuality has been substituted for a funfair frenzy to beat all imaginations that Nathaniel’s glory  and glory of Kabba-Bunu and Ijumu federal constituency is here again unswerving.  Till now, no body have ever achieved his feat, particularly in Kabba-Bunu, where he answered his first calls. He is an undisputable role model, a true combination of creation and achievement; thus deserves this honourable mention, recognition and commendation.
– Ojo Martins

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