Hoping for A Better Kogi by Abdulkadir Abdullahi

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In the ancient city of Lokoja

Lies monuments and history of eternal glory

Confluence state as it’s fondly called

For many came to unite here as one

Be it rivers, animals and human beings

Located in a state with so many resources untapped

So many wealth to call its own

Endowed with the beauty of nature

With perfect forms and perfect rhythm

And so much appeals to the eyes

In this world of beauty lies an unending chaos

Beautiful but torn

Wreaking bedlam to this dazzling splendor

Havoc created by greedy leaders

Who gain by others grief and suffering

In the name of governance

And allot the earth’s treasure to themselves

And allow markets to starve the living

But before terror comes tyranny

Governors upon governors, they all came

But none restored our dying hopes and glory

No good roads for travels, no money for purchases

Destitution veering into many homes

And yet they claim to be ruling

The east yearns for total revamping; the central yearns for good roads and peace

And the west yearns for development

They came with inflated promises but look at the menace they created

Families and lives they ruined

All with one little tease

They promised us heaven but gave us hell

With ink on the paper, they seize the fruit of others labor

And claim it as a right of property

Alas, the mark of Cain is on them

Chaos only reigns where injustice thrives

The real leader hankers much for order and justice than for personal gains and glory

But we would continue standing on the pillars of hope

Because hope is the perfect road to peace

Acurvy, complex and task-full way

That climbs up to an eternal garden

Where dawn can last all day

And in that daylong dawn

We canall put aside ourfears, sentiments and greed

And learn to talk, deal,hope,work and dream

To restore our lost glory

– Abdullahi Abdulkadir

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