Hon Enema Paul: The Even Among Odds by Comrade Nasir

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Hon Enema Paul is the serving kogi state commissioner for rural development and a native of Egume, Dekina local government area of Kogi state. A year 2006 Accountancy graduate of the University of Gwagwalada, Abuja. He was born and grew up in his hometown, Dekina, Kogi State where he attended LGEA Primary school and Government Secondary School Egume. He did his one year compulsory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) at Delta State between 2006/2007.

With a burning enthusiasm toward the enhancement of the destitute and less privileged ones in the society, he contested for the position of member representing Dekina/Okura constituency at Kogi state house of assembly in 2007 on the platform of the defunct All Nigerians People’s Party (ANPP) and lost in an irregularly conducted election. Year 2017, exactly ten years after, he has earned for himself the reputation of a diligent, workaholic and incorruptible public officer such that politicians and civil servants are proud to have and work with him.

Hon Enema has a long litany of exploits to his credit. He is instrumental in the processes that brought on board the current of administration of his excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Bello as one of the few youths of Igala extraction who rose against their very own prince Abubakar Audu in a keenly contested primary which produced the late prince as winner before destiny took it’s cause by bringing in the second runner up, Yahaya Bello as his replacement midway of the December, 5th 2015 governorship election of Kogi state.

Youths and most particularly of Dekina extraction cannot forget or ever underestimate the wherewithal of Hon Enema Paul who has at different times stood as a rallying point for motivation, empowerment, engagement and mentorship to a reasonable number of people without recourse to the faith they profess, their roots, gender and philosophy to life as the case may be.

Amidst the series of criticism and opposition attacks toward the present government of Kogi state, Hon Enema seem to be excelling like the biblical Joseph who succeeded despite series of conspiracies orchestrated towards him by his own bloods as he (Enema) has not only enjoyed limited criticism but evidently demonstrated unequalled zeal and enthusiasm for the development of Kogi state through the quotidian running of his office as seen in his genuine service delivery in the area of rural electrification, water projects and partnership with other expertise for kogi state rural development. The ost recent success in his partnership networking is the selection of Kogi as one of the few states to access a World Bank and Agricultural Development Bank(ADB) grant for the construction of 500KM roads across the three senatorial district of Kogi state under Rural Access And Mobility Project (RAMP).

Hon Enema Paul has received several awards to mark his achievements and contributions to both human and society development but to mention a few; he is a recipient of the Genius Discovery Foundation “Einstein Hall of Fame” Award for emblem of youths reorientation 2013, Overt humanity service award 2013, Leadership and Service excellence award 2014, ISA national award 2015, Enactus Builders Merit Award 2015, Progressive Youths Vanguard 2016, G21 Agents For Change 2016, Kwame Nkrumah leadership award 2017 and a host of others.

A very unassuming young man that wouldn’t talk about his work and how he does it, only his right hand men and people who have come across him would attest to the fact that his best attribute is that he sees himself as a product of grace. Hence, hardly assumes as boss in the discharge of his duties as well as coordination of men. He is well acquainted with media handling and understands technology to the extent that he uses it to propagate his convictions, ideology and beliefs. In the true sense of the word, he is a leader! He motivates his colleagues, mentors his equals, guides his contemporaries and strongly believes in empowering the younger generation.

Except he is not promptly notified, he attends events such as weddings, birthdays, naming ceremonies of children and funeral of our relatives. In short, he is a brother to the needy, a friend to the poor and leads from the front. Always available in moments of controversy and his most beautiful adornment is the fact that he is phenomenal to warm reception, compassion to whoever comes his way, always eager to help and magnanimous without measure.

This is to say, little or no wonder that governor Yahaya Bello was quick to appoint him as a special adviser on infrastructural development in his maiden structure and subsequently promoted to a commissioner in the first batch of technocrats that make up the present Kogi state executive council. Indeed, Hon Enema couldn’t have been headed anywhere else as his stint thus far in the ministry of rural development has not only distinguished him in the self styled new direction government but placed him in very tall  cum high reputation among committee of helms men in ministries of rural development across North Central and Nigeria in general.

– Comrade A. M. Nasir
Social Commentator and Kogi Opinion Moulder

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