Herdsmen Attack: Kogi Family Raises Alarm Over Threat to Life

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By Bayo Aka.

Members of the Bajeh’s family in Otokiti Housing Estate, Lokoja, Kogi State have appealed to the state police command authorities to help shied their breadwinner, Emmanuel Bajeh from being killed by some faceless Fulani herdsmen.

Spokesperson for the family, Omuyah Bajeh who spoke with newsmen in Lokoja lamented that the herdsmen, who mistakenly took Emmanuel as a police informant, have unrelentlessly hunted for Emmanuel’s life in the last five years.

Omuya said they were worried for the safety of Emmanuel Bajeh’s life who is a farmer and their breadwinner, reiterating his appeal to the police authorities to intervene so as to forestall the untimely death of their son.

He went on memory lane, saying the herdsmen attacked their son in 2015 on his farm land and some other nearby farms somewhere at Kilometer 30 near Eganyi, Okene-Ajaokuta road having mistakenly taken him as a police informant.

He added that however Emmanuel escaped being killed then but the assailants were still after his life, saying the same herdsmen have made other attempts on his life in his Lagos house and his house behind Scintillate Nursery and Primary School, Otokiti Lokoja.

Omuya supported his claim by describing how the faceless herdsmen traced Emmanuel to his family house in Otokiti Housing Estate, combed his room in and out without taking anything but beat Emmanuel’s cousin who they took for him mistakenly to pulp.

While disclosing that the assailants have continued to ask for the whereabouts of Emmanuel in order to eliminate him.

He said: “They combed his room, they didn’t take anything but they beat his cousin”

He disclosed further that reports made to government agencies have not yielded any positive results making Emmanuel to live in fear and hiding as well as feared for the safety of his family members, adding that he is greatly psychologically affected. This, he said, has reduced the productivity of Emmanuel to the detriment of the family as he reiterated his plea for intervention.

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