Guber Poll: A Call to All Kogi Compatriots

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My greetings and congratulations to you all on the successful outing of the PDP gubernatorial primary election. The election has come and gone, and ultimately, the election was rancour free among the various aspirants which fortunately you were a participant directly and indirectly. There was no bitter rivalries among the aspirants. And in the end, a winner emerged, despite the skirmishes by third party sponsored political hoodlums whose intention was to disrupt the exercise. 

Importantly at this point, we must accept the outcome of the election and move ahead. We all have our intention, but God has his way. We all put up a good and impressive contest in the race individually, but in the end, we won and finished strong as a team. And the team is, team Engr. Musa Wada. To me, that’s great and noble. That’s what a contest should be and not a do or die affair. To this, we all deserve kudos.

We should see ourselves as eventual winners and come together to work for the overall interest of the State and our people to support our candidate to a victorious election.

It will be the collective responsibility of all the critical stakeholders to rescue and secure our dear Kogi State from the hands of the incompetent APC leadership and deliver our people from untold hardship. 

We need to deliver our dear State at this trying moment. In doing that, we should put aside our pride, our differences and work towards our common  objective and the objective is operation secure mission. 

We need to bequeath our children and posterity with an enduring legacy of our resolve and commitment to work as a team for a successful outing  come November 2019.

We should see the finger of God in the emergence of Engr. Musa Wada as the PDP flagbearer in the November election. 

History will remember us as leaders in the role we played at this auspicious period to set our State free from the bondage and shackles of bad leadership. 

This call for greater sacrifice by everyone including the major stakeholders involved in this project to rescue and secure our dear Kogi State. That’s what we should stand up for to be counted among men and women who deliver our dear State and that should be paramount to our dear heart as we progress in this journey to November 2019.

We should demonstrate to the world that we can do it and show uncommon determination in this direction. This is the time and history beacon on us the leaders to show leadership. We need to lead the way and we shall ably follow with absolute resolve to deliver and secure Kogi State.

– Engr. Richard Enejoh Opaluwa (Reo) wrote from Kogi state.

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