Group Accuse of Kogi NYCN Coordinators of Greed

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Kogi Youths for Equity in Governance (KYEG) has described the decision of coordinators of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) to stay in power despite being appointed as secretaries and supervisors as indicative of greed.

Comrade Emmanuel Ikoojo and Adesoji Moses, President and Secretary of the body respectively, said in a statement on Monday that Governor Yahaya Bello gave the directives because he believed in the ability of the youths to move from one level to the other, adding that the deliberate attempt by the coordinators not to allow either subordinates to take over shows how greedy they are. 

The group called on the Governor and government of the state and the stakeholders in the council to ensure the right thing is done so that the teeming youths who are unemployed and qualified can also have a feel of the Governor’s gesture.

The statement said the group has learnt that all the Coordinators already appointed want to combine their roles as members of Local Government Councils leadership and NYCN Coordinators which demonstrates their level of greed. 

The statement read in part; “Governor Yahaya Bello has given the coordinators the opportunity to be appointed because he believes in them and wants to give them a sense of belonging. They should reciprocate same to their fellow youths by handing off the leadership of NYCN for others to take over. 

“We have it on good authority that almost all of the coordinators are not interested in leaving. We want the Governor to tell them to chose between being coordinators and being political appointees at the Local Government. 

“If they prefer the latter, let others take the former and Vice Versa. Let the benefit of Governor Yahaya Bello’s good gesture go round. It should not be to the benefit of the coordinators alone. They can’t be enjoying multiple offices while others remain unemployed and unengaged,” the statement concluded. 

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