Government Technical College Mopa Best Site for New Okun University – Former Governor

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A former Governor of Kogi state, Chief Clarence Olafemi, has suggested that the proposed Okun University be sited in Mopa, using the Government Technical College facilities.

In a chat with journalists in Lokoja on Thursday, Olafemi appealed to Governor Yahaya Bello to kindly site the proposed state university in Mopa, Yagba federal constituency.

He commended Governor Bello for bringing a higher institution of learning to Okun land.

He noted that the inauguration of the implementation committee for kick-off of the new university on Wednesday by Governor Bello is an indication that he is committed in establishing the institution.

He noted that Mopa be a better choice for the institution to take off.

“Government Technical College Mopa is situated in a very big plain land that will be able to accommodate the University. Already, we have structures all over the place and those structures will serve as take off before constructing new ones.

“Mopa has produced a governor, two deputy governors, senator, House of Representatives member and Speaker of the State House of Assembly. I think Mopa deserve an institution and if Governor Bello can site the institution in Mopa land, the people will be very grateful,” he said.

He thanked the Governor for making it possible during his tenure for considering Okun land for an institution pointing out that the people of Okun land will always rally round him and make sure he succeed.

He said the ruling party in the state will win the coming governorship election as the people of Okun land will vote massively for the party.

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