Gov Yahaya Bello; Mr Reviver

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In early 2020, a Professor of Law, Cyprian Odogwu had described Governor Yahaya Bello as a reviver, reformer, and a man who is always willing to put Kogi State on track again.

Mr Cyprian praised the young governor for discharging everything within his reach to ensure Kogi State come top in the scheme of things above all other states.

On several occasions, Governor Yahaya Bello has vowed that no amount of pressure will make him loss guard on giving the good people of Kogi State the good and quality deliverance they truly deserve as citizens by setting adequate and constructive ideas/plans to make Kogi State stands out.

The people’s governor has gone far and wide to ensure the state does not miss out in all spheres from socio-economic development to human and capital development respectively.

In attestation to the aforementioned facts:

Another Director of Intelligence has given plenty of kudos and thumbs up to Kogi State Government under Gov. Yahaya Bello on protection of lives and properties (security) and has identified the presence of the state of the art equipment and specialized man power and skills for combating insecurity and adequate funding of the security system in accordance to the aims and objectives of Gov. Bello’s Let’s Do More agenda in Kogi State.

According to the security chief, Kogi State Government has policy-wise mapped out adequate strategic plans to wipe out all kinds of crimes in its entirety, including the establishment of an intelligence sharing structures and formulas that could weaken insecurity and contain it permanently; acquiring the latest and most modern security equipments to enable security agents to stay ahead of kidnappers, high way robbers, from the urban down to the rural areas and even to the grassroots level amongst others; making it difficult for crime to escalate in the state and it’s environ through heavily motivated counter terrorism squad for a quick clamp down on the undesirable elements in the society.

Furthermore, they went ahead to affirm the genuineness of the government by tagging the Executive Governor of Kogi State, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, as a reformer, reviver, and the Security Man of the Year.

– Abubakar Lawal Jr writes from Lokoja.

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