Gov. Bello’s Double Registration; INEC Is Grossly Incompetent – Kogi Integrity Group

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Our attention has been drawn to the unnecessary attack by Senator Dino Melaye on our Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, due to the gross incompetence on the part of INEC.
First and foremost, we are a group with track record of high integrity and definiteness of purpose with a mandate to making sure that the good people of Kogi State, enjoy the dividends of democracy in all ramifications.
We wish to state categorically that the incessant attacks on our Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, and his government by the Dino Melaye is diversionary due to his parochial mentality in handling issues.
The call by Dino and all his cohorts that Governor Bello should resign or be impeached and calling him a ‘criminal’ is senseless, demean and folly.
Dino as a pychopath, is using a plethora of diversionary tactics to distort his manifest failure on the mandate the people of Kogi West have given to him, and we want him to realise that as stakeholders from the West Senatorial district, people are not deceived by his antics. The earlier he wakes up to his political responsibilities to his constituents he is representing at the senate the better for him.
Governor Bello has four years mandate as well as Senator Dino; the whole world will adjudge both of them based on their scorecard. So, all these unnecessary attacks and infractions on individuals and Kogi Government by the senator are just mere tactics to cover his poor and woeful performance as a senator.
We are saying enough is enough, we have heard and read of other senators in the same senate that are doing very well and making great impacts in the lives of their constituents and partnering with NEMA, NGOs and other relevant organisations.
It is saddening that the reverse is the case as the visionless and purposeless Kogi west senator is busy consistently raising false alarm of unfounded allegations and causing public nuisance both at senate chamber and in the media. This is disheartening and disgusting because the good people of Kogi west are being mocked globally for the character we produced as a senator to represent us.
We are saying it categorically as a people that we are passing vote of “No Confidence” in Dino for the last time, and if he refused to stop all these madness he is displaying by giving Kogi State a bad name, we shall be left with no choice but to commence the Recalling process on him.
Incompetency of INEC As An Institution
INEC as an independent institution is expected to be a politically neutral organisation without partisan, but it is so sad that some selfish individuals among them have compromised and are being used as political miscreants to destabilise Kogi State.
Governor Bello had requested for his Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) to be transferred from Abuja to Okene for over two to three years, but INEC has failed woefully in this regard as they were unable to get the transfer done without no reason.
One should then ask INEC how long does it takes to transfer PVC from one state to another; we see this as gross incompetence on the part of INEC. The system they used to siphoned billions of naira from our treasury cannot detect just double registrations talk-less of multiple registrations.
The registration system should have been automated system that can detect attempt of double registration and automatically reject it. This shows that INEC has failed in their responsibility and using Kogi State to cover up.
The question we should ask ourselves is whether one can register twice and obtain two different BVN numbers or if anyone can register twice on the National Identity Management System (NIMS)? It is therefore, a fact that INEC system is sub-standard and a poor example  of proper automating system.
Kogi Integrity Group are saying no to anomaly and incompetence on the part of INEC and we are calling on the INEC Chairman, Prof Mahmoud Yakubu, to do the needful and salvage INEC as an institution from some incompetent staff who have compromised the ethics of their profession and have become instruments in the hand of some visionless politicians. It is glaring that politics is being played by INEC in this case and we want the INEC chairman to thoroughly investigate the matter.
With respect to the above anomalies from INEC, the Kogi Integrity Group, hereby issue a 21 working day ultimatum to INEC starting from Monday May 29, to complete the transfer of our Governor’s PVC from Abuja to his ward in Okene or face a legal action in a competent court of jurisdiction.
INEC action to our governor is a gross violation of his fundamental human right abuse and the issue of fundamental right abuse can be taken up by anybody not necessarily the victim.
Kogi integrity group is ready to engage INEC in the competent court of jurisdiction if within the 21 days the PVC of our governor is not transferred from Abuja to Okene as required by the governor.
We are using this opportunity to reaffirm and reiterate our commitment, confidence and believe in the New Direction Government of the administration of Governor Bello. It is a government that God himself has put in place right the wrong of 25 years in Kogi State and alleviate the suffering of the people.
The landmark achievement of His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Bello is the first of its kind in the history of Kogi State. In no distant time, the little challenges confronting the state will soon be surmounted and the government will get it right and it will become a thing of the past.
No good thing comes easily, the beginning is always very hard but with the commitment and doggedness of our governor with his lieutenants, and the New Direction Blueprint, Kogi States will surely be great.
Today, the much talked about screening is gone and the issue of salary is currently being addressed with aggression by the State government to make sure that everybody the state is owing arrears as a result of the just concluded screening is paid.

Barrister Oluwadare Micheal
President, Kogi Integrity Group

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