Opinion: Democracy Day and Nigeria

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Oh Nigeria, indeed you are a great nation, indeed you should be the Giant of the whole Africa, Oh Democracy, we know you to be the most desirable bride among Political systems, you suitors many countries around the globe but in Nigeria, we have been after you but you are yet to consent to our proposal, despite the fact that we are emphatically trying to charm you, with great honors and by putting your name next to ours, to allure you to sanctify our biased politics thus The oligarchs, The despots,The tyrants, The dictators, The nepotists, The totalitarians and many more, we have declared ourselves your fervent admirers, your ardent devotee to you and to your eternal principles By wrapping ourselves in your golden enclave and calling ourselves your beloved one in a jester intonation but you are unyieldingly adamant to us for you knew that in Nigeria no one has succeeded to measure up to the ideals your wise father, the great Solon has set and to the glorious values with which he nurtured you, those superb principles: Of virtue, Of justice, Of ethics, Of freedom,Of equality Of autonomy, Of self-knowledge, Of responsibility,Of lack of self interest And Of the paramount devotion to The common good and the happiness of the people you serve as the name implies.

It is for that reason, our dear Democracy, scarcely have shown any favoritism to Nigeria your dear suitor, for all fell short of your lofty aspirations that in Nigeria you are so unfortunate for a very lengthy periods of time mistreated, neglected, subjugated and exploited by our pretenders: The immoral, The unjust, The dishonorable, The Ignorant, The power thirsty, The war mongers, The money seekers, who chose to ignore all that you stood for and disregard the common good and the happiness of the people they supposed to serve but all to promote their own interest and those of their cronies thus ruining the chances of any true democratic presence in Nigeria, oh Democracy, I deeply understand why you are still a spinster in Nigeria, you have chosen to remain so because: power is not yet to the people, we are yet to see leadership as sacrifice, we are yet to loose ourselves to the service of our people, we are earnestly in love with nepotism and yet to fight corruption institutionally.

Happy Democracy day Nigeria. Happy people, great nation. We shall get it positive one day

– Habib Omachile Rabbiu

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