Gov Bello is a Disgrace, Won’t Escape God’s Wrath – Catholic Church Groups

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Two Catholic Church groups, the Caritas Nigeria and the Justice Development and Peace Commission have condemned Kogi State governor, Yahaya Bello over his attack on Catholic Bishops.

The National Director of both groups, Rev. Fr. Evaristus Bassey in a statement said Bello was a disgrace to the Not-too-Young-to-Run Campaign.

This is in reaction to a statement by Gov Bello insulting Catholic Bishops over vote of no confidence passed on President Buhari.

Bello said those who had looted the country’s funds were angry because sources of their free money had been blocked by the current government.

Bassey in reaction said Bello would not escape the wrath of God.

He said Nigerians were dying in Kogi state as result of his bad governance and unpaid salaries.

Bassey said, “Governor Yahaya Bello does not dignify a response. However, he is a disgrace to the Not-too-Young-to-Run Campaign.

“I believe Bello thinks that by freezing when President Buhari coughs, he will be spared from the wrath of God through the Kogi people who are dying each day because of unpaid salaries and misgovernance.

“Even if he escapes human judgement, he will not escape the eternal consequences unless he repents and be a true servant of the people.”

He is an Over-zealous Opportunist – CACOL, CDHR

Reacting, President of Committee for the Defense of Human Rights (CDHR), Malachi Ugwummadu in a statement released on Saturday said Bello was being too faithful to his party.

According to him, Bello should devote more energy in interrogating the issues raised by the bishops rather than dismiss it.

He said, “Governor Yahaya Bello’s overzealousness in defence of Buhari on every issue as a party faithful is understandable, but certainly he is sounding more Catholic than the Pope.

“You recall that he was the same person that declared a three-day holiday in Kogi State simply because Buhari came from a long medical holiday abroad.

“If he understands the composition of that body, he would devote more energy in interrogating the issues raised rather than the disservice of attempting a dismissal which cannot, in effect, dislodge the critical issues raised.”

In a similar vein, CACOL warned that the issues raised by the Catholic bishops should not be dismissed as some Nigerians were truly dissatisfied.

The CACOL Director, Debo Adeniran said, “It is true that people are angry for different reasons; although the bishops didn’t carry out any scientific study, the social media is there with so many commentaries.

“A few people are still very germane in their observations, particularly in the aspect of the President’s skewed appointments to a particular region. If there is lacklustre from those security quarters, people can raise complaints.

“Some of the comments (from the Kogi Governor and the bishops) are just opportunistic.”

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