Good Governance in Rwanda: Lessons For Nigeria

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 Edited by Ishaq Dan-Imam.

Nigeria’s political class can borrow a leaf from Rwanda’s transformational Leadership example as Rwanda takes the lead in transformational leadership as Africa’s shiny example of true democracy and good governance, anchored on incisive development policies. Come along with me to Rwanda, Africa’s Land of wonders; Land of milk and honey!

Mr Kusi Boafo, Ghana’s head of Public Sector Reforms, returns from a week’s visit to Rwanda and had this to say;

“The only thing we’ve than Rwanda is our politicians drive luxurious cars than theirs. From what I saw, Ghana is an embarrassment of a country and a total abomination to the creator”

“I was there with a 7 member delegation. We stepped out to find food. In fact, there was no seller on the streets and everything was in order. With the equivalence of 40cedis, I fed all the 7 people. Rent is so controlled and  accommodation is easy. I realized Ghana is in crisis”.

“Police were not stopping us unnecessarily on our way so I asked the driver and he told me all vehicles are equipped with chips from the Vehicle Licensing. Once your car is road worthy and license is valid, you just swipe them every morning. If it expires, the police are aware”.

“There’s so much serenity in the country. I saw a Methodist Church in  a village shut down because the building looked weak. Church was told to put it in good shape before they can get permit to reopen. They dont want to wait for it to collapse before they blame God”- Kusi Boafo

“If we don’t stop worshipping politicians and playing foolish NPP vs NDC politics, we will suffer in future. I admit that I as a Public sector boss from Ghana, I drive a better car than their finance minister. They have more ambulances than we have. Ambulances even placed in farms”

“A minister told me that in 2008, Kagame gave loans to equal number of men & women to do business. They’d account after 5yrs & the women had increased their profit in folds but most of the men didnt survive. This explains why women receive 10% higher salaries in Rwanda than men”

“We toured the country. Saw lot of big plantations like coffee, tea and others. To my amazement, there were ambulances following farmers to the plantations in case there’s an injury. These small villages had hospitals with very young efficient working medics. I was in awe.”

Was stunned to learn that their minister of Public Sector Reforms schooled at the University of Ghana Business School. A lot of them actually studied in Ghana. Their free Education ends at the Junior High School Level. The secondary schools are only subsidized”


Their own civil war taught them how to survive; ours in Nigeria taught most of us how to be better thieves and tribalistic. 

Nigeria’s dream for good leadership is not difficult to achieve if and when the likes of Paul Kagame, are allowed-or emerge from heaven-to be in the saddle of Nigeria’s leadership.

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