Future of Kogi State and Idoko Kingsley Ilonah Candidature

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Ever since Kogi state was created our pending problems have always been our inability to provide or elect for our self a good and responsible government that will always react adequately to the problems of the state and also proffer lasting solutions to this problems as the develop.

This political lack, failure and inability has not only permitted the several underdevelopment we are faced with presently as a state, but has gone a longer way to put the state in perpetual poverty.

As pitiful as this situation becomes every day, Kogi state that has been one of the most privilege state has suffered the most, basically because this state has often been represented by timid, shortsighted, selfish and “un-purposeful” politicians. 

And it is so shameful to admit here that today ,Kogi state is one of the most underdeveloped state in the country, inspite of all its rich resources, political strength and even Man power.

Having looked at this it has become too necessary that we team up as a people and sort for a better representation this time around, through which we can redirect our state towards a more visible development, and secure a better future for our self and our children. 

But in order to achieve this we must be willing to look beyond personal interests, relationship and even affiliations. 

We must be willing to ignore veteran politics, politics of hate and fully resist the ideas of godfatherism.

And embrace a more democratic individual,who can harness all our resources and channel them towards a more productive end, we must sort to instate an individual who sincerely understands what is really at stake and will pull all the necessary parliamentary strings to ensure that the Kogi state situation is salvaged. 

We must at a time like this be willing to only rally around a more focus individual, who is strong and passionate in will, in ideas, in foresight,in vision,in persistent, in concern and in all forms of political sensitivity.

Governorship is a reasoning and talking of government, therefore, we must present some one who is vocally strong, critical and analytically precise, some one who understands the language of the hallowed and equally knowledgeable on the rich essence of the Nigerian federal character and the Nigerian visions. 

Our focus and support must be on some one who can influence the nation and also endear the state to the federal government in other to attract national investment, human development and all forms of basic amenities. 

And without bending words Idoko Kingsley Ilonah of APGA party has been able to assemble all this political virtue, thought and vision, he has been able to shape his political aspirations towards this define ideas. 

And a vote for him is a vote for a more accountable representation,it is a vote for a more people oriented, it is a vote for a more productive government and a more secured future for our dear state.

It is not just the passionate efforts to rescue Kogi state that distinguish this candidate but the state guts that categorise his thoughts, his industrious views, the persistent nature of his positive desires for Kogi state and his well groomed commitment that will dictate every beat of his political aspiration is in indeed very worthy of note. 

Like I always say, it is not about party, it is not about incumbent or veteran politics, it is about will,resourcefulness, accountability, foresight, intent, sacrifice, wealth of knowledge, humanitarian ideas, societal concerns and sensitiveness to the basic needs of the present Kogi state.

IDOKO KINGSLEY ILONAD is obviously willing to serve and redeem our state, it is now left for us to embrace this new future and save Kogi state. 

Our future is now in our hand, and we must secure it this time.

– Innocent Abimaje
For: Idoko Kingsley Ilonah Door-to-Door Campaign

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