#LazyNigerianYouths: President Buhari Might Be Right – A Classic Instance of Gov. Yahaya Bello

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“If President Buhari Asks Me To Jump Into Fire, I Will.” – Gov. Yahaya Bello

It is discouraging that President Buhari latches on to every international event to denigrate Nigeria. Most recently, the youth of our dear nation have been at the receiving end of the sharp side of the tongue of Mr. President.

Beyond everything else, President Buhari’s outburst is about the clearest indication that he never believed in the country he leads. This is mainly because the most treasured asset of every country is its citizens. In the case of Nigeria, since the youth constitutes over 60% of its population, it cannot be inappropriate to suggest that President Buhari has simply expressed his disdain for Nigeria.

Inasmuch as I have plenty reasons to disagree with President Buhari, I am constrained to believe that there may be some elements of accuracy in his statement. This is in consideration of the fact that whereas there are millions of young Nigerians who genuinely seek to impact society, there is a certain Gov. Yahaya Bello on the same side of the divide.

Yayaha Bello it was who declared a public holiday, grounded the machinery of state and crippled socio-economic activities to mark the occasion of the return of President Buhari from a long sick leave to the embarrassment of the man for whom the “privilege” was extended in sharp contrast with what was obtainable in Katsina, the home state of the president.

Just as Nigeria was recovering from this display of the highest form of mental laziness, the executive delinquent emerged with another obscene style.

In an interview, a power intoxicated Bello declared in a statement, suggesting that he will jump into fire if asked by President Buhari as a show of loyalty. Not only was this a shock to an already astonished President it was a strong signal to the Presidency that indeed, something had gone very wrong with the youth of Nigeria.

It is on these bases with peculiar reference to Yahaya Bello that I have a strong feeling Mr. President may be right to an extent.

It was President Buhari who watched from a distance and saw the emergence of a Nigerian youth as governor who never contested an election. It may not be out of place to suggest that Mr. President expected the accomplishment of one milestone after another in leadership and service delivery on account of the age of the newly sworn in governor.

Suddenly, after failing repeatedly to carve a niche for himself in governance and set the pace for other youth to join, Yahaya Bello emerges from recess and takes to epic sycophancy even to the point of wanting to impress the president to the extent of offering to die.

Wait a bit!

Yahaya Bello wants a second term in Office. He wants a renewed contract to serve as governor. This is despite creating a record as one of Nigeria’s most unproductive governors and the worst in the history of Kogi State.

Pray! What is expected to be the opinion of President Buhari where and when it is established that a governor who hasn’t performed in any sector of the economy he manages suddenly wants a second term?

Can we all now understand what forced President Buhari to lament that the “youth of Nigeria want everything free.”

Kogi State governor it also was who abandoned official duties and absorbed to the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport to welcome Yusuf Buhari, a private citizen who also doubles as his junior by over 15 years.

Pray, what was expected to be on the mind of President Buhari and even Yusuf?

He wants a Second Term into office on a platter knowing fully well that every single individual who helped him emerge governor by technicalities have taken a clear break from relating with Him.

Senator Dino Melaye once said he helped Bello to become the governor – only God knows what happened and how he helped him.

Hon Friday Makama said he thought Bello as a youth will do things in a very different way as a result of which he offered Him support which enabled him stabilize in office.

For the records, Hon. Makama was the head of the G5 group that screened the Commissioners. Today, Yahaya Bello wants his head.

The Governor has absolutely nothing to campaign with. He is not paying salaries, while not a single capital project can be tied to him, he wants to latch on to the garment of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Truly some of us are lazy.

Who said they will vote for Buhari even of all he has in place of a certificate is a NEPA BILL? A Youth of course.

Who are those championing his Second Term agenda despite all magnitudes of gross failure of the President? Youth of course.

Ours is a President who has no single youth in his cabinet. He has no single program addressing the issue of unemployment in this country – yet who are those shouting Sai Baba? The Youth!

President Buhari promised three million Jobs annually, yet he is in his third year and all we have are people loosing jobs yet the youth who are at the receiving end of this anomaly form a large chunk of those championing the second term agenda of the same president.

Today, the Naira is three hundred and sixty Naira permanently. Ordinarily the ineffectiveness of Buhari’s administration should provoke peaceful protests from the youth which are major victims of his incapacity but the reverse is the case.

We have a President who lacks the slightest clue on the way out of the economic quagmire he drove Nigeria into and is seriously overwhelmed with the task of governance amidst sheer inability to fulfil campaign promises. Yet some youth are all out calling for His return to office.

The National Peace Corps which would have generated job opportunities for many young people was faulted and denounced by Buhari yet even some members are still pushing for Buhari’s Second term

It is painful. It is disheartening. It is heart wrenching but I must admit that this time, with regards this issue of laziness of the Nigerian youth, Mr. President might be right.

– Austin Usman Okai

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