For Equity and Fairness, an Okun Person Should be Next Governor of Kogi State – Patriots

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As political activities are soon to commence for the Governorship election starting with the primaries of the political parties, a sociocultural/economic group; Okun Patriots under the auspices of Okun Development Initiatives (ODI) has declared that for equity and fairness, an Okun person ought to be the next Governor of the State.

In an interactive session, Patriots averred that after 31 years of the creation of the state of which Kogi East has ruled for 16 years and Kogi Central for 8 years at the end of the tenure of Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello in January, 2024, it’s only fair for an Okun person to be Governor.

They posited that, this position is not in any way inspired by any entitlement consideration but on the premise of equity and fairness.

It is only right for all segments of the State to have the sense of belonging for harmony and peaceful coexistence.

Shutting out one ethnic group from leadership in the governance of the State is marginalization which they argued must not be allowed to thrive.

They appealed to individuals from other Senatorial zones in the state to look at the bigger picture and drop their aspirations for Lugard House in the next dispensation.

Patriots acknowledged the fact that, none of the three Senatorial Districts can go it alone except with the cooperation and support of others.

While the rights of others to aspire and seek for the Office of Governor is not in doubt, the collective interest of the State should be placed above personal interest and ambition.

For the avoidance of doubt and speculation, this quest, Patriots stated is across party divides and will be pursued vigorously.

The Patriots equally agreed to reach out to lovers of fairness and equity in the other Senatorial zones to key into this project and give the required support to make it a success.

To affirm the importance of this quest, Patriots have pledged that the majority in Okunland will mobilize, give support and vote massively for any political party with an Okun person as it’s candidate in the next Governorship election in the State.

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