Flood Predictions: Kogi State Takes Proactive Steps

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As part of proactive measures put in place by Kogi State Government aimed at mitigating the effect of predicted flooding in the State this year, the State Government has set up a sinking fund to serve as a rapid response fund in case of re-occurrence of the floods and any other natural disaster.

This was part of decisions reached by the Flood Relief Management Committee, Chaired by the State Deputy Governor, Yomi Awoniyi, as measures proposed to mitigate the challenges associated with flooding as experienced last year.

The sinking funds according to the Flood Relief Management Committee will be a savings account that will be funded monthly by the State and the Local Governments.

Similarly, a school has been identified in Idah Local Government Area which will serve as a future camp for flood victims in future from four Local Governments namely; Idah, Igalamela, Ibaji and Ofu.

Camp sites according to the Flood Relief Management Committee, have also being identified in other flood prone Local Government Areas in the State with development of infrastructures already on going.

The camp sites are to be provided with health care facilities, bore holes and additional toilets in anticipation of the re-occurrence of the floods this year.

Similarly, to avoid the gridlock experienced during the last year’s flood that affected commuters and vehicular movement along the ever busy Lokoja – Abuja road, the Federal Government, the Flood Relief Management Committee explained has approved the proposal sent by the State Government and has awarded the contract to increase the height of the road level in Banda.

Furthermore, the Flood Relief Management Committee disclosed that effort are also being made by the Federal Government to evacuate sand in all dams across the country so as to increase the volume carrying capacity of water they can hold.

The evacuation of sand from the dams which will mitigate the impact of the flood and even help to prevent it the Flood Relief Management Committee noted has not been done in the last 25 years.

Experts, the Flood Relief Management Committee equally disclosed is also working to open up new State roads particularly in Lokoja in order to forestall the devastating effects of future floods.

In addition, the Yomi Awoniyi led Flood Relief Management Committee says efforts are on-going to purchase non-perishable relief materials and safety equipment in case of future occurrence of flooding.

The Flood Relief Management Committee note lastly, that as part of efforts being made to tackle the root cause of flooding and some other natural disasters including erosion, the State Government is soon to commence an aggressive tree planting campaign. Towards ensuring proper coordination and sustain ability of the tree planting campaign, the State Government is to participate actively in the national tree planting exercise to be launched formally in the State on June 5, 2013.

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