First Massive Literati Holds Inaugural Meeting in Kogi State

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First Massive Literati (FML) is a youth movement that focuses on politics and not politicians, thereby checking on the excesses of the government and  to ‘conscientise’ the youths to determine the kind of leaders that should be in power with the power of PVC for the purpose of building an egalitarian society.

FML is resolute in the campaign of cascading oneness to all Nigerian youths from the grassroots to every strata and thus bringing about massive participation of youths in the process of governance.
Outcome of The FML Meeting
The National President of the group (FML), Comrade James Useghan Kurokimi, said in his speech ” that Nigeria has been battling with 3000 to 4000 megawatts since 80’s till date, what a tragedy!”.
And he further said ” Nigerians between the ages of 25 to 30 years still live and feed in their parents houses, should it be so?”
A country where there are natural endowments and these resources are been harnessed and enjoyed by the elite.. And this has resulted to the economy bleeding today.
The National Secretary and the acting State Coordinator of FML, Comrade Awobiyi Timileyin Ojoanu, stresses the need for youth participation in the government and urges the youths to monitor and follow up political trends for accountability.
Guest Speakers
Barr. Babatunde Irukera, the quintessential of humility and docility. A philanthropist, global figure and cosmopolitan lawyer, to mention but few.
Barr. Babatunde Irukera was explicit and concise when delivering lectures to the youths and he said ” youths should focus on politics and not to politicians”.
Barrister Babatunde Irukera spoke extensively on how  corruption has been the cog in the wheel of the  progress of Nigeria, and how the youths should help in abating corruption.
And he replied an FML member that asked him (Barr. Babatunde Irukera) question on corruption  and he said, ” I can’t fall mugu because I can’t answer Magu”.
This disposition was hilarious and the atmosphere was charged by this veteran (Barr. Babatunde Irukera) by thos singular act of  shunning corruption.
Dr. Enojo Kennie Enojo, a political scientist, from the Department of Political Science, Ayingba, Kogi University State.
Dr. Enojo Kennie Enojo, gave a professorial exposition on comparative socio-political and socio-economic matters..
He charged the youths to be vibrant and resilient in the political affairs in the country.
He further said ” youths should grow through seminars, skill acquisitions programmes and the likes for their self-development.”
In conclusion, the State Coordinator Comrade Awobiyi Timileyin Ojoanu, enjoined all the FML Local Government
coordinators, and wards coordinators to percolate the campaign of oneness and youths involvement in politics.
The next FML meeting comes up soon in order state of The country for their inaugural meeting.. In relatively short time, this vision would have sink into the bloodstream of every Nigerians.

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