Firm Concludes Feasibility Studies on Kogi Coal

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Astra resources, an international organization, has finalized initial geological investigation and feasibility studies in two sites within the Ogboyoga coal field of the Kogi Coal District, in Kogi State.

The geological investigation was undertaken to determine the coal potential and viability of the two coal sites Astra is developing through its joint venture agreement with Barjalex Nig Ltd.

Astra is about to purchasing an exploration license and the CEO of the company Astra CEO Jaydeep Biswas says that there is an existence of coal deposits mineable using an open cast mining method.

“After completing the geological investigation and feasibility study, it was concluded that while early indications of the coal resource within the two Barjalex sites require further investigation, the extension located within the Ogboyoga coal field has been identified as highly viable,” Biswas says.

“Astra intend to further explore this area through drilling while taking all necessary steps to complete the application for a mining lease for the Ogboyoga coal fields.”

Astra Managing Director Silvana De Cianni says the domestic coal market within Nigeria has the potential to increase the country’s electric power generation “Nigeria has major coal resources that have not been well explored or exploited,” she says

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