The Legend of Inikpi: Of Kogi and Mediocrity, Like Idachaba, Like Mercy Johnson

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Late Prof. Francis Idachaba was the extra ordinary human being that turned the filth laden mediocre-educational-park, called Kogi State University, now Prince Abubakar Audu University, PAAU, into what could qualify for an educational institution for anyone to attend today.

Before, it was just a mere structure, awarding certificates. That is the same thing we have in the Kogi State College of Education, Ankpa. A glorified primary school, maintained by mediocrity and illiteracy, churning out “Eze Goes to School” class prefects standard of NCE holders, destroying the lives of the Secondary School students in Kogi State.

In all of these, the people were comfortable. In misery, they adorned their solemn garb of mediocrity. These people never look for the “greater good”. It is always about what they can grab for themselves and their families.

I was regaled of tales of how Prof. Idachaba was witchcraft and hunted. He suffered the most turbulent time of his academic career while cleaning up the school of bad, moral bankrupt, lazy and sexual perverts marauding as lecturers, to filtering occultic lunatics who made sure that the institution remained a glorified secondary school.

He would import foreign hands with competence from outside Kogi State to turn things around. The local village champions fought him vehemently. They called those he brought as “diaspora saboteurs”, a nomenclature of slander against anything progressive.

It seems the people are so cave in mentality that anything that would make Kogi State rein in as a First Class State in Nigeria, an anathema to their existence. It was pure confluence witchcraft.

Prof. Idachaba stood his grounds. He was attacked. Snubbed. Sidelined. Scorned. They spread sore of bad news about his image. They created the ones propaganda could sell. He remained focused.

To the credit of former Governor, Ibrahim Idris, he was given free hands to fix the university.

Kogi state university under 29 months had 29 courses accredited by the NUC and came as the best  State University in Nigeria at some point after NUC ranking. Such was the quality and standard in less than 4 years.

Rumor bears the gong that Prof refused a second tenor due to the violent attacks he got from the “wickedness establishment”. He was said to have been bitten by a “goat”. He had to be flown abroad and isolated for treatment for sometime.

That was the witchcraft.

Comes Mercy Johnson Okojie.

An Ebira born Kogite of Lagos-standard exposure who doubles as an A-list  Nollywood cinema goddess; is given Government appointment by His Excellency, Gov Yahaya Bello to bring to bear her years of quality film making experience.

She enters.

Chose a cinema worthy story of the largest ethnic group in Kogi State, Igalas to the screen. She would be retelling the tale of “Inikpi”, one of the most courageous daughters of The Igala kingdom who sacrificed herself for the Igala people to prevail in a war during the years of local conquests against the Bini (Benin) kingdom.

Mercy say support from the Government, she also drove the project with her personal funds. To ensure professional and acuity of story telling, she arranged an audition. Many Kogi born “entertainers” made it to show case what they could do beyond their mouths and social media posturing. Of course, she succeeded in picking the lead actress role to be an Igala born thespian, along other Kogi sensational cinema-eyes like Lamirose Ali, Baba Jfo amongst others. Years in the womb, she faced it.

According to Mercy, Isyak Adeiza Alex had written how she was passionate about wanting the movie to hit international contests of awards. It was not going to be a political meeting of pretend actors who rehearsed Baba Suwe standard of movie.

As the movie debuts on January 24th 2019 after almost 2 years of filming, tongues have started wagging.

From the irredeemable tribal zionists like one practicing microphone holders called Michael Sam Idoko, to his paraphernalia of wailing movement of mediocrity highlighted tribalistic issues, thus:

1. How can an Ebira make an Igala movie. 
2. Hey! Hum! Oh! Why shouldn’t only Igalas act in the movie?
3. The same Legend of Inikpi has been acted by one hhdhdhdgtstagsgdgd.

These were the issues. Sadly, these Boy Scout gathering of mediocrity do not understand that Kogi is about to go to Nigeria and the world, it would not matter if their tribal championship war would be lost. After all, where were they when Mercy Johnson and the Kogi State Government started the project which was thoroughly screened and edited by the apex royal father of the Igalas,  The Attah, His Royal Majesty, Dr  Idakwo Michael Ameh Oboni II?

Grapevine has it that the movie took time to hit production due to major concerns of the Attah Igala on some plot, scenes, costuming etc, which were all re-done for cultural compliance.

That is a lot of work.

These set of generational no-do-gooders have brought their witchcraft again to soil the narrative into an ethnic coloration by the old and young brigades who studied in the university of mediocrity.

But, unlike F.S Idachaba, we won’t allow Mercy go. It would be a large gathering as Legend of Inikpi stars on January 24th. We would cheer, we would jeer at them too to say this good has come to stay.

The Legend of Inikpi is fierce, yet emotional, yet courageous, yet a story of our struggle that built the house of the Igala nation.

Abuja. Lagos. Porthacourt- the screens would be blaring.

The Legend of Inikpi, the story of the Igala people and the gallantry and sacrificial nature of Kogites would be told.

– Promise Emmanuel
Chief Press Secretary to the Deputy Governor of Kogi State.

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