Federal Ministry of Solid Minerals Conducts Physical Inspection of Fabbix, HoneyBell7 Mining Areas in Ekinrin-Adde

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The Federal Ministry of Solid Minerals recently visited Ekinrin-Adde land for a comprehensive physical inspection of the mining sites operated by FABBIX Nigeria Limited and HONEYBELL7 Nigeria Limited. This inspection is part of the Ministry’s ongoing efforts to ensure compliance with environmental and safety regulations and to promote sustainable mining practices within the region.

The inspection team, comprising senior officials from the Ministry, was warmly received by the local community, led by OLU Anthony Bamigbaye Idowu, CON, the Olu-Adde of Ekinrin-Adde.

The visit included detailed assessments of the operational procedures, safety measures, and environmental management practices employed by both mining companies.

During the inspection, OLU Anthony Bamigbaye Idowu expressed his support for the Ministry’s initiatives and emphasized the importance of maintaining a balance between economic development and environmental sustainability. He highlighted the potential benefits of responsible mining practices for the local community, including job creation and infrastructure development.

Inspection team with Olu-Adde of Ekinrin-Adde.

FABBIX Nigeria Limited and HONEYBELL7 Nigeria Limited provided extensive briefings on their mining operations, showcasing their commitment to adhering to regulatory standards and implementing best practices in their activities. The inspection team evaluated various aspects, including the companies’ waste management systems, land reclamation efforts, and safety protocols to ensure the protection of workers and the surrounding environment.

The Federal Ministry of Solid Minerals reiterated its dedication to fostering a transparent and accountable mining sector that contributes positively to Nigeria’s economic growth while safeguarding the well-being of its citizens and natural resources. The Ministry’s officials also engaged with community representatives to address any concerns and to ensure that the benefits of mining activities are equitably shared.

The Olu-Adde of Ekinrin-Adde, OLU Anthony Bamigbaye Idowu, expressed his gratitude to the Federal Ministry of Solid Minerals for their proactive approach in monitoring and regulating mining activities. He called for continued collaboration between the government, mining companies, and the local community to achieve sustainable development goals.

This inspection marks a significant step towards enhancing the oversight and governance of the mining sector in Ekinrin-Adde and sets a precedent for future engagements between the Ministry and other mining communities across Nigeria.

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