Fatal Accidents: Kogi Labour Leader Decries Improper Supervision of Federal Highways by Works Ministry

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While I sympathize with the family of the deceased and wish the soul of the departed eternal peace, I blame the Federal government and her agencies on the most unfortunate, painful and untimely death of these law abiding citizens of the country on the tragic event that happened yesterday, 3rd January, 2023 on the Abuja – Lokoja Federal Road (Gegu – Kotonkarfi corridor).

Why should the federal government, who awarded contract for the dualization of the Abuja – Lokoja road, watch the road which is not up to 12 years in lifespan became so dilapidated to the extent that it has become a death trap without bringing the contractors to book?

What happened to the Road Audit Report (if at all, an audit was carried out) before payments was made?

Could one say that there is a compromise on the side of the government (Ministry of Works and other Agencies on the dualization of this road corridor)?

I urge the Federal Ministry of Works to without further delay order the contractor back to that corridor and do the needful.

The Federal government should be held for responsible for all the accidents induced deaths on the federal highways across the country and be made to pay compensation to the victims of all the families of the deceased because they to a large extent, are responsible for such occasion.

Enough of improper supervision of roads by the Federal Ministry of Works.

– Comrade Opaluwa Eleojo is a Labour Union Leader in Kogi State.

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