Fake Presidential Campaign Posters: Ilemona Tenders Apology to Kogi Gov, Nigerians

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The flier being circulated was designed by me. It’s not sponsored by anyone including the Governor himself.

In short, I have not personally met with Governor Yahaya Bello in my life and I have not done anything in common with him other that the support I have been giving to him on social media and at the grassroots just like every other Kogite.

The flier was designed December 2019 after the Governor’s 2nd term election was won. The flier was designed out of love, passion and enthusiasm that emanated from that victory we recorded at the polls. 

I sincerely apologize to the Governor for using his name for campaign he is not intended. I did that out of ignorance. And I apologize to Nigerians and Kogites for this distraction midst of this novel pandemic.

Please forgive me while I assure you of my warmest regards.

– Amb Ilemona Tboss

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