‘Extend Beyond Borders’, Budding Acorns Int’l School Challenge Pupils

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The management of Budding Acorns International School, Lokoja, has admonished pupils to start dreaming and prepare to extend beyond borders.

The Director of the School, Mrs Titilayo Ogunmola, gave the admonition during at the school’s 2023 Annual Professional Day in Lokoja on Friday.

Ogunmola said the event was driven by the need to strengthen the knowledge of the younger generations towards achieving greatness and to inculcate the idea that the young ones can be whatever they choose to be in life from their tender age.

She explained that the professional day is organised annually for pupils in order to continue to ignite and fan to flame the zeal to follow particular career paths and to help them realise the dream.

She added the pupils need to understand that they can be whatever they aspire to be, irrespective of the environment they find themselves. They should not allow themselves to be limited by their experiences or in their thoughts.

“I want all of you to know that the type of work you will do might not be determined by your location but by the skills you gather for yourselves as you grow.

“We have chosen the theme ‘Extending Beyond Borders’ this year. We are grooming each one of you to expand your thoughts and be able to tell yourselves continually that you can be whatever you want to be and succeed at it.

“Each and everyone of you must strive to become better so that everything around you becomes better too.

The guest speaker, Bunmi Obafemi, a legal practitioner, told pupils not to limit themselves, stressing that they must work hard to be who they want to be from the beginning.

She urged them to work hard from the on set to achieve their aims.

Mrs Mercy Philips, who spoke on how to be a successful business man or woman, explained that education is very crucial to success, noting that without basic education one must have limited him or herself.

Earlier, as part of the activities for the term and in a bid to develop the culture of giving in pupils, Budding Acorns Int’l School, supported by parents, reached out to Stagi Cornerstone Orphanage and Rehoboth Children’s Home in Lokoja.

“At Budding Acorns International School, we make use of every avenue to teach our treasures positive values, we pray they imbibe it and grow to be great individuals who will make positive contributions to the society at large,” she posited.

The highlight of the occasion was the presentation of drama by budding professions showcasing the roles of doctors carrying out different examinations on the patient at the hospital.

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