Even When Opportunity is Staring on Our Eyes

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It can be so annoying informing those in need of something of the available solution to their quagmire only for them to turn you down on account of your personality. My dealing to the public has greatly availed me an ample opportunity to have clear understanding of the kind of people we have in the society and their perception towards life.

Just like the usual attitude of many to blame those in leadership position for ineptitudes,   even we the populace are not in any way different to what we are accusing those in leadership position of. I am right to say we are worst us and the only difference between the masses and those in leadership position is the opportunity.  I have observed that many of us put the cart before the horse and this accounts for the weak society we found ourselves today.

An average Nigerians are not ready and desire everything done for them free of charge. We want someone to use his finance, timing, energy to pursue our individual goal before we believe in the genuineness of such move.  The just concluded INEC ad-hoc staff recruitment exercise where the successful applicants have been screened and awaiting training gave me an insight into the character of Nigerian people.

Most Nigerians like free things a lot and their attitude is likened to someone being given wife without the mandatory bride price and same person is asking and mandating his father’s in-law to rent a room apartment for him, furnish it with house accessories before accepting her daughter as wife.

In the wake of INEC ad-hoc staff recruitment, I put call to several people whom I know are truly in need to provide me their personal details, bank account and BVN to file in the application for them.  I told them as well that they must provide N2000 with it before filling any form and make a follow-up on any of their application. Two things turned many of those people off, BVN and N2000.

These people doubt my call and find it hard to believe. They questioned me on why I demand for their bank account details and BVN before submitting the application. I also remember of one man who wanted to pay for his jobless brother for the form filling and when the brother reached out o me on what he should provide, he turned the help of his brother down because I request for his bank account information details and BVN for the form filling,

To these people, they consider me as one of those scammers for merely requesting for their BNV on INEC application form. They also termed me as one of those fraudulent individuals spinning N2000 from everyone using INEC recruitment application as a disguise which by their ignorant imagination they considered its’ application is free of charge.

Whilst they thrive in ignorance, they forgot to know that BVN was mandatory demanded by INEC on the application form. They also forgot to know that I am running a private entity and such INEC is not paying me any dime for helping people.

Since INEC is not paying me salary, it is from these N2000; I personally pay for my internet and foot the billing for all logistics in ensuring that many of these applications being filed become successful at the end of the day.

 Even those I informed earlier when the application was newly open asking them to bring their candidates; they never did only to forward same to me now after making publication and give God the glory that 70% of my Candidates have been taken and the remaining on a waiting list and might be considered as well. It will beat my reader’s imagination that the assumption this category of person had then was that I am not real and what I said was might not work out .

This was the major reason why they waited all long to see positive result first before bringing their candidates to me.  ‘’The application was already closed and nothing I can do about it any longer I told them ‘’.

In related development, my experience in INEC ad-hoc staff recruitment is not different to my PVC collection services today. Today, many people do not truly believe in me and are not ready to pay N2000 logistics fare to foot my all bill to go for their PVC.  These doubtful people want me to use my personal money to pay for everything and present their PVC to them in their houses before they see any reason to pay at all for PVC collection. I have learnt a lot and even those whom I started with this way by collecting their PVC before payment are yet to pay me till date.  

In summation, my readers could deduce that many people will continue to lose their opportunity on account of their selfishness unless they change their attitude and mind-set. They will disbelieve when opportunity is starling on their eyes.  Yes, there are scammers out there but Stephen Ojate and his consulting company are not like that.

– Stephen Ojate, a Journalist by profession and IT Consultant, writes from Abuja.

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