Engr Musa Wada; Between Strength and Responsibility

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When this aspirant cum PDP’s flag bearer in the fast approaching governorship election emerged, I was taken in awe. I couldn’t tally with the fact that he was my least, yet, surpassed the jostling aspirants to clinch the party’s ticket. Well, we are used to surprises from the polity of Kogi state since 2015. So, let me throw in my congratulatory hat. Whether or not he deserves it, honor they say is bestowed on whom its due- congratulations your would-be Excellency.

However, this post delineates certain facts that is not only sacrosanct to reinvigorating the fading voices in Kogi state, it’s the golden ink that will ascribe your name in the heart of Kogites as well as the memory book. The November 16 governorship election is baked with expectations premised on uncertainties.

Permutations as to whether or not the incumbent will be defeated are still ongoing. But to some, his chances are high. But to the victims of his adverse and sycophantic policies, Bello’s second term is disastrous. Apparently, everyone is up and doing. Christians had tagged his name with ‘God forbid’ and the Muslim faithful had extended their prayer hours. Those of us agitating for good governance also threw stones everywhere to see where a capable hand can come from.

Fortunately, PDP was able to arrive at Engr Musa Wada as its flag bearer. And of course, the young man is new in the political terrain, therefore, he deserved the listening ears. But to who much is given they say much is expected. The responsibility is enormous- to remove the gangs of looters in the Lugard house and to project a workable Kogi state. Between these takes lies a strength to be exhumed by men of uncommon charisma and unrivaled proficiency.

The question therefore is, does Musa Wada has the needed strength? The route from objective to achievement is called determination. With determination, nothing is impossible. Besides, it might sound controversial to say that the masses are behind PDP’s flag bearer. At least if there is no one at all, I have the civil servants in various sectors, activists and freedom fighters, the elites etc on my list. What is left now is an avenue where credible elections can be conducted.

Fellow Kogites, I must however express my utmost dismay with the manner in which the opposition seem toying with this golden opportunity. Before the primaries, we were told that PDP’s house is in order, and that aspirants will accept the probable outcome. But what baffles me is how the said outcome had triggered both legal squabbles and conflict of interest. Why did Abubakar Ibrahim opted for legal redress against his brother in law? Why did senator Dino Melaye reject his appointment as Wada’s campaign DG? And why did the ex-governor Ibrahim Idris reject his appointment as chairman, PDP’s campaign council?

In the first place I do not know what Ibro actually represents in the polity of Kogi state. As a statesman and an advocate of Igala Agenda, he anointed his son to champion the cause. We were not deterred, we wanted to give him the mandate but through a fair process which he could not emerge. Why can’t Ibro uphold the sanctity of democracy, perhaps ensure that aspirants keep to their words? He has the capacity to unite the party, bring all hands on board and ensure that common will is carried out.

In his capacity, Abubakar shouldn’t have gone to court in the first place, let alone telling the world that he was not duly informed before been assigned the campaign council chairman. I don’t know the accolade Ibro is asking for when the duty to serve fatherland or liberate his people calls. Not when Wada should be an enigma of mutual respect to him as son in-law.

As things stood, Yahaya Bello and his APC brags daily. He told us few days ago that he has allies in PDP. His media handler Kingsley Fanwo also mocked the party- PDP is a dead horse. All these and more had ease the process of repeating the failure and his enablers. But as the sun rises in the east and settles in the west, Bello must go. 

Be that as it may, I will forfeit my respect for Ibro should he fail to assume his role in the ongoing race. In fact, blame Ibro if Bello wins the election. It’s not about Wada or any member of his family. It’s about the voices crying for justice. Wada alone cannot handle this, but with collective hands victory is sure. Other aspirants are hereby reminded of their promises – to work with whoever becomes the winner.

Kogi will be great again.

– John Paul

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