Enema Paul: Celebrating An Outstanding Commissioner On His Birthday

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By Comrade Nasir.

Hon Enema Paul, the honorable commissioner for rural development, Kogi State turns a year old on Sunday, the same day Kogi state marks her twenty sixth year of creation been that he was born on an August 27th while the state was created on the same date in 1991.

For a happily married man, husband, youth and reputable public servant who remains a quintessential servant with self imposing purpose and public-spirited commitments, his character and politics remain endearing to not just those around him but the people of the state in entirety for indeed, quite apart from his genial, witty, unassuming and unpretentious disposition both in appearance and attire, he has massively succeeded in steadily establishing a reputation for political sagacity dedicated to his love for the new direction government of Kogi State and its people.

Perhaps, governor Yahaya Bello might have chosen to work with this rare gem after a look at his delectable personality in terms of character, growth, responsibility as well as his positive impact on humanity and the society as are quite revealing in him. In him, I have come to know a public servant who lives his life educating people and emphasizing the paramount role of charity and compassion in every human affairs.

Unarguably, the countless number of people Hon Enema Paul has touched their lives directly and indirectly are a testament to a dedication on his part to practice the faith he professes, Christianity which preaches love. Worthy of note is his unmatched passion for rural development while he goes the extra mile to render personal projects as a way to support his people and communities for the purpose of setting a good example of how to bring dividends to the people for self and community development.

As it is in Kogi state today, Hon Enema Paul is one of the few people who are into active politics with a dematerialized character basically to place excellence of mind and spirit above material considerations. It could therefore be concluded that it is based on this premise of a tireless community development and grassroots network that governor Bello, the executive governor of Kogi state picked him as his special adviser on infrastructural development in his maiden structure and subsequently promoted to a commissioner in the first batch of technocrats that make up Kogi state executive council, to serve him in the capacity of rural development which he has not just performed credibly but to the admiration of even oppositions.

The choice of Enema as by his principal and leader, his excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Bello has panned out to be a divinely scripted arrangement, he, Governor Bello himself alluded the dynamic commissioner during the commissioning of an Injection Sub Station trunkline embarked upon by the ministry of rural development from Zango to Banda, an electrification project which linked nine communities to electricity for the first time.

This account and the ones made by the governor in several fora would explain the admirable degree of understanding the affiliation existing between them for it has in turn contributed greatly in placing the state on the path of prosperity despite the daunting performance of the present administration. Not too long ago after they took over the reign of government but Hon Enema Paul has commissioned series of projects across the state and these are a clear testament to the governor’s encomium and several reassurance of his dependability on Hon Enema Paul.

Thus, as this colossus celebrates another year of existence, I wish to celebrate with him wholeheartedly. Moreover, the behind-the-scene moves he has been making to better the livelihood of many communities in the confluence of the two Nigerian rivers have culminated in the strong society building which is a focal point of of Mr. President’s campaigns to the region. So, his working process is already yielding dividends for the APC led government to the gain of Kogi State, sorry Nigeria at large and other public servants must retain the very active engagement with which Hon Enema Paul gets his results of his multifaceted roles that have remained dedicated to deepening good governance and democracy that works for all our people.

It is on this note that I make bold to say happy birthday to you distinguished honorable Enema Paul.

– Comrade A. M. Nasir is a public opinion moulder and advocate of good governance.

Email: naadejohs@gmail.com

Twitter via @amnasiru

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