Embrace Hope in the New Year, Dr Safiya Stephanie Musa Urges Nigerians

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The Founder and Chief Enterprise Officer of EduShine Educational Support Foundation, Dr Safiya Stephanie Musa has called on Nigerians to remain hopeful and steadfast towards achieving their social and economic targets for the new year, saying positivism remains the best way to demonstrate resilience. She stated this in her new year message in which she urged the people of Nigeria not to lose hope in their pursuit of socioeconomic goals.

In the press release she personally endorsed for newsmen in Abuja on Tuesday, the development activist urged Nigerians to be forward looking in the nation’s economic recovery efforts and remain active players in the restoration efforts. According to her, achieving social and economic recovery goals is not the business of government alone, but that of every patriotic citizen who must join hands to ensure the success of the program.

She paid glowing tributes to the entrepreneurial spirits of Nigerians and urged the people not to despair in the present economic challenges but remain committed and vigilant in the affairs of the nation through their contributions to national development efforts. “Nation building is a collective responsibility of all citizens, and every Nigerian must at this point remain committed to that ideal,” she stated.

While giving assurances of her personal commitment to pursuing programmes that could positively change the lives of the people, especially the less privileged members of the society through her NGO, EduShine Educational Foundation, Dr Safiya stressed that 3 more offices of the Foundation would be opened this year to expand ts coverage areas in order to capture more indigent students that require educational support. “In pursuing our goals of reaching more people across our catchment areas, we intend to open 3 more offices in Kogi, Kaduna and FCT this year,” she disclosed.

The development enthusiast who is widely known for her robust political commentary enjoined Nigerians to remain vigilant in demanding good governance from their representatives at the various levels of government this year. She added that government exists to resolve the security and welfare needs of the people, noting however that  the people themselves must be alive to their civic responsibility of making positive demands and following them up with positive contributions for the functionality of the system.

While expressing optimism that this year could bring positive economic results to the people, she called on the youths in particular to embrace hardwork, honesty and security consciousness, saying these are the values that the nation requires at this period of her development to succeed. On her personal commitment to youth empowerment, the philanthropist promised to mobilise all necessary resources at her disposal and through the goodwill and support of public spirited individuals to make case for the welfare and security of the people through concrete programmes.

“As you are aware, we have just assumed offices at the Institute of Chartered  Economists of Nigeria (ICEN), and I can assure you that the President, Management and Board of the Institute are unanimous in their commitment to using the platform to proffer workable suggestions that could quicken the process of economic recovery of the nation and addressing the welfare needs of the people,” she stressed.

Dr Safiya however urged Nigerians not to succumb to cynicism, warning that no nation can develop when its citizens become docile in socioeconomic activities. She therefore appealed for calm and sustained hope in the possibility of the nation achieving its socioeconomic goals for the new year.

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