Edward Onoja, EBIGO, Eneomuneme and Kogi APC Governorship Ticket

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I write on the above subject because of what I have been reading from some of you for sometimes now. And I will be very brief.

Kogi State Deputy Governor, Chief Edward David Onoja (CEDO), said he is a big masquerade, but was talked down by some. Well, if you ask me, I can immediately tell you that he is as he described himself. How? As at today, it is yet to be on the news that he has obtained nomination form to run for 2023 Kogi Governorship under the APC as widely speculated.

However, talks about him keeps those who have gotten theirs off-lips even as what we do here is mere opinionation, one that doesn’t necessarily translates into votes. Just to give non-PVC holders sense of inclusion.

When a masquerade is big, it doesn’t matter if out or not, his tales is a must tell when tradition is to be observed.

Man so blessed with some sort of embellishment that speaks of great difference – a pathfinder and more.

Yes! Kogi West can make a considerable case, but to say anyone other than Edward Onoja deserves APC ticket for 2023 Kogi Governorship per loyalty to Governor Yahaya Bello is self deceit, and people who thread such path always end up loosing big. I won’t be part of it.

Except he choose not to run. Even if Asiwaju Bola Tinubu emerge President, Kogi APC either take its governorship ticket to Kogi West or give it to Edward Onoja. Failure to do this can only amount to loosing to opposition.

This is what it takes to be a big masquerade; bearer of such title remain a factor to be considered in great sum regardless of what plays out.

The best promoter of Governor Yahaya Bello, regardless of the passage of time, that history records is CEDO. It takes commitment to be this consistent in style and disposition. You call Yahaya Bello and reach for Edward Onoja, and vice versa.

Who chop shit suppose lick butter.

In 2015, he exemplified an all-inclusive efforts in bringing about the unity of Kogites in politics – against all odds. He defied the old order by merely giving shoulder to a brother outside his kingdom for the pursuit of a new order, such a very time defining personality.

He has been tagged a betrayal of his kingdom simply because he confessed to the possibility of finding comfort in the hands of someone outside one’s immediate environment; a journey he started and invited with himself large volume of his contemporaries across the state that can’t deny the  enormity of the breakthrough that they recorded.

Eneomuneme, from my conversations with friends from Ane-Igala, so far doesn’t connote denial of one’s origin, it only expresses preference per purpose.

However it goes, in 2023, may we have a Chief Executive that will serve the interest of Kogi State and not out for vendetta purpose.

Some of the naysayers who are calling him names because of how he is featured in the EBIGO Propagation can’t tell anything against him other than the dictates of bigotry – personal interest. Yet, they act like only them own God. But the beauty of it all is that: when you are big, you are big.

I am a native of Ebira land, and if Edward Onoja flies APC Ticket for Kogi governorship I will gladly vote him as a matter of fulfillment.

– Hadi Adinoyi Abdulmalik wrote from Lokoja.

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