Edward Onoja; A Man and Half (1)

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The race for the successor to Governor Yahaya Bello in Kogi State has sparked interest in the search for a leader with the right mix of qualities to lead the state toward development and growth. 

Edward Onoja, the Deputy Governor of Kogi State, has become a popular topic of discussion due to his numerous sterling qualities and contributions towards Kogi State’s development.

Edward Onoja is a man of great intellect, charisma, and exceptional leadership skills. Peeping into a brief bio of the Olimene Atta, He started his academic voyage in Army Children School 3 in Ikeja Military Cantonment, Lagos, and completed his primary education in Wasimi Community Primary School, Ikeja Lagos. 

He later obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Geology and Mining from the University of Jos and graduated with a Second Class Upper division in 1999, where he was top among the few best-graduating students in his set. Before venturing into politics, Edward Onoja began his career as a banker, where he served as a senior management staff in various commercial banks. 

He joined active politics in 2011 and has held various political positions, including being the State Director of Kogi Youth Arise Group for Buhari/Osinbajo’s campaign and thereafter becoming the Chief Strategist and Director-General of the Alhaji Yahaya Bello Campaign Organization in preparation for the 2015 gubernatorial election in Kogi State.

Edward Onoja’s unwavering loyalty to Governor Yahaya Bello is one of his remarkable qualities. He has been a faithful and dedicated ally to the Governor since he was appointed Chief of Staff in 2016. As the Governor’s right-hand man, he has been actively involved in the administration’s achievements and instrumental in driving the government’s programs and policies in various sectors, including health, education, infrastructure, agriculture, and security.

Edward Onoja’s exceptional leadership qualities, unwavering commitment to service, and dedication to transparency and accountability make him the best candidate to lead Kogi State. He possesses a strong sense of purpose, a clear vision, and the ability to inspire and motivate others. 

Furthermore, his entrepreneurial skills and experience in the private sector make him uniquely qualified to manage the state’s resources and drive economic growth. At 46 years old, Edward Onoja is relatively young, and his youthfulness would be an asset in tackling the complex challenges facing Kogi State. He is also a strategist who understands the intricacies of politics and how to navigate its choppy waters. 

His political instincts have served him well, and he has been able to build a broad coalition of supporters and allies who share his vision for the state. In addition to his leadership qualities, Edward Onoja is also known for his humanitarian work, particularly in helping widows in need. Despite facing his own hardships, he used his construction skills to build houses for widows across the state, believing that everyone deserved a safe and secure place to call home. His selflessness and dedication to others earned him a reputation as a true humanitarian.

Overall, Edward Onoja is a man and a half with a unique set of qualities that make him stand out amongst other political contestants. He is a competent and visionary leader with a deep understanding of the challenges facing Kogi State.

To be continued….

– Aliyu Mahmud Amoto writes from Okene.

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