Ebira Politics, Political Class and The Rest of Us

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I confess that this is one thorny and controversial topic no one wants to talk about in the land, but I, Otori Ozigi, a fifty-five year old man is ready to enter the Lion’s Den today and come out alive or dead.

To whom it may concern, I think the time has come for us to collectively and individually talk about Ebira politics and the political class that are giving us so much pains, shame and headaches in our fatherland over the years. If we all keep quiet, our political class, populated largely by our worst examples in the land, would continue to cross the red line and hold the rest of us to perpetual ransom.

Let me inform them on this platform that I, Otori Ozigi, am fully prepared to take the battle to their jungle so that Ebiraland can begin to have peace, unity, progress and tranquility that our forefathers bequeathed to us.

It is sad that our political class have been misbehaving in recent times in their bids to pursue their inordinate ambitions and personal aggrandizement that the rest of us would not benefit from.

Lest we forget, Ebiraland has produced decent people like Dr Philips Salawu, Senator A. T. Ahmed of blessed memory, Abdulrahman Okene, Adamu Atta, Usman Abatemi, Usman Bello, Amb M. K. Ibrahim, Alhaji Abubakar Maikasuwa, Dr John Lawal, Dr S. S. Lawal, Major Enesi, Prof Nuhu Yakubu, prof Duro Damisa, Prof Abere, Prof Asun, Gen Emanuel Abisoye, Prof Isah Abubakar Ochepa and a host of other worthy Ambassadors of the land.

Today, I want to inform all those disturbing the peace of the land that I, Otori Ozigi, is ready to take the battle to their domain at a time of general elections like this.

To whom it may concern, I have already prepared my Will if peradventure these criminal elements fight back with their AK47 which they wielded to terrorize our hitherto peaceful and progressive community. If I die in the process they have only succeeded in doing me a big favour. After all, the dead don’t live to pay Bills anymore. Let me make it public that I have been expecting death for the past twenty years that I have been suffering from chronic insomnia, oh death where is thy sting!

Let’s go to the forthcoming general elections. It goes without saying that our political class and their supporters may soon kick start their campaigns and Rallies across the length and breath of Kogi Central since INEC has lifted the ban on open campaigns and rallies from November 18th.

Viewed against this background, therefore, we must warn them through the Mass Media to conduct themselves peacefully and with utmost civility. Nobody among them should behave like Bastards and Animals before, during and after the elections. They should understand that a winner or a loser would emerge from any political contest, it behoves on the winner to be magnanimous in victory while the losers should take their loses in good fate and not resort to violence like we had witnessed in the past. Let me remind them that the whole world is watching how our political class would conduct themselves this time around.

In conclusion, I wish to remind them that I, Otori Ozigi, will be around to constantly whip them into line with my pen and laptop. Yes, I am ready to take the battle to their Den through this platform and other traditional media in our dear country.

Long live Anebira.

Long live all the peace loving and progressive Sons and Daughters of our fatherland.

– Otori Ozigi is a retired Public Servant, Journalist and Public Relations Expert

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