Dr. Temidayo: A Man Deserving of My Praise

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“I was born on a Sunday morning of 22nd December, 1985 in the ancient city of Kabba to the family of Rev & Chief (Mrs) Olorundare, Isaiah Ojo. Rev. Olorundare is a retired Anglican Reverend while Chief (Mrs) Comfort Aina Olorundare is a retired teacher. I started primary school at the age of 5 in 1990 @ LGEA primary school Oke bukun, Bunu.

My dad being a Reverend was always been transfered from one community to the other and it most definitely affected our education. As we (the children) had to change our schools and many at times were to repeat a class.

After a change of station from Oke Bukun to Kabba, I had to re start primary 1 again at St. Andrew No. 2 Pri. Sch. Kabba in 1991. In all, I attended four different primary schools with about four inter-school transfers. The schools I spent the most was two classes.

I finally gained admission to St. Barnabas Sec. Sch. in Sept 1997 and graduated in 2003. (I didn’t pass Maths & English). After graduation from secondary school, I started the struggle for a university admission. In all I wrote JAMB exams five times and sat for O’level exams five times as well. All because I wouldn’t give up on education and accept failure.

Base on the family standing, that if you fail a step in the academic ladder, you are personally responsible for that level until you scale through. Hence, I did all kind of jobs including manual labour in farms, hawking, communication vendor and of course did Okada for three years to raise money legitimately in other to clear my O’level papers (especially Maths). Incidentally I was always passing my JAMB exams with very high point.

In 2006, I took a shot at Kogi poly and was offered admission in Secretariat studies (Now Office Technology Management OTM) without Credit pass in Maths. Where I distinguished myself and set unprecedented academic feet till date. While I was in Kogi poly I continued to write JAMB and O’level up till 2007 when fate rewarded my resilience and determination as I got admission in Kogi State University 2008 to study political science even though I had long to be a Lawyer. Hence, I abandoned the ND program.

Being in the University was more than just being in school for me, it was a dream fulfilled and that fulfilment propel my success in all aspect of my school life. It worth mentioning that I graduated as one of the Top 10 in my class of “11 with a 2:1.

I had a balanced school life. I belonged to many socio cultural organizations. Foremost among them was Rotaract Club where I was a member of the executive for three years up to graduation.

Politically I was very active, I was member of executives at different levels in different associations. I contested and won the social sciences faculty president (later cancelled) in 2010.

My religious life was great as well, until graduation I served as Asst. Drama Coordinator for RCCG (Power sanctuary parish) and worked well at Christ Ambassadors Students outreach (CASOR KSU) simultaneously.

In July 2012 I was posted to Sokoto (Isa Local govt Area) for my youth service and finished June 2013. While in service I learned barbing.

Upon my return from service, I opened a barbing salon in Fehintoluwa Qtrs Kabba *”DESTINY KINGS’ CUTZ”* which I personally managed until October same year when I left for Lagos.

Getting to Lagos, I was immediately engaged by CPA PARTNERS (CHATTERED ACCOUNTANTS) an indigenous audit firm. I struggled to find myself in the accounting world even though to the professionals I was not doing badly but I was disconnected from my dream and passion for the academic world. I was later seconded to Procter and Gamble (A multinational company) as Administrative assistance where I worked for a couple of months until I eventually decided to voluntarily quit in other to pursue my academic career in December 2014 after gaining admission same year for my Masters in political science at University of Lagos. Where I graduated in 2016. My P.hD is currently in view.

After graduation I have since ventured into all sort of entrepreneurial activities including online businesses such as cryptocurrency trading just as means of living.

Leadership positions held.*
a. Asst. Head boy, St. Mary No.4 Kabba 1995/96
b. Financial Secretary, Kabba Students union (KSU chapter) in 2008
c. Elected Secretary General of Kabba Students union (National) in 2009.
d. Director Finance Rotaract club of KSU 2009.
e. Vice President Rotaract club (KSU) 2010/11
f. Welfare Director, Okun students Union (KSU chapter) 2009/10
g. Asst. Drama cord RCCG (Power Sanctuary Parish) Anyigba. 2009-11
h. President, Destiny Drama Ministry 2009-12

State and National Assignment*
1. Served as member, in the Kogi State House of Assembly Peace and Reconciliation Committee in 2016.

i. Best Dressed Rotaract (Male) 2009 by Rotaract club of Kogi State University, Anyigba.
ii. Award of Excellent leadership by Kabba student Union (KSU chapter) 2012.
iii. Kogi State Peace Ambassador. By Kogi state government in August 2016.”

Olorundare A. S. Destiny otherwise known as Dr. Temidayo arguably, is a man of high intellectual capacity whose resume I have read (and shared here) and have come to appreciate, owing to the several interactive sessions I have had with him.

One of the basic facts of life is that there is always a chance to meet. We met at a time when our State, Kogi State, was desirous of volunteers to restore sanity in our polity, the misunderstanding between the Executive and the Legislature. The rest is now history.

Dr. Temidayo, a resourceful and humble personality with a strong character became my friend from the other side of my Senatorial District (Kogi West). How he shuttles between Lagos and Lokoja without missing a single meeting for a cause we all believe is worth our while yet was telling on our personal finances especially for those coming from afar like him, was something that pulled me to him and before I knew it got stucked to his amiable personality. It took me no time to know that we share alot in common especially the “talk-talk” side and we grew to become good friends after the peace mission was accomplished. Thanks to Com. Oladele John Nihi, the current Kogi State Chapter Chairman of the National Youth Council of Nigeria. He, it was, who made sure our path crossed when he brought the eleven of us together as Peace Ambassadors.

Recently, I gathered that you (Dr. Temidayo) may be presenting yourself to your Constituency, the Kabba Bunu State Constituency, in the forthcoming General elections to represent them at the 7th Kogi State House of Assembly. To tell you the truth, even as I am not from there and do not understand your political terrain, you are a man of honour with rich resume that qualifies you to speak for your people at any level of representation. And yes! I remembered when we met at Lagos and we got talking, as usual, and you told me about your special interest in the Legislative arm which prompted your contributions to the growth of the legislature in Nigeria and your published articles including Legislative & executive relations in US: Lessons for Nigeria and your paper presentation on “The Maze as symbol of Authority” among others.
So I would say, whatever is worth doing is worth doing well, particularly, that you are a Political Scientist.

On your 32nd birthday, (I just realized I am over 10years older than you. Laughs) I am celebrating you because I know you to an extend that I am very proud of you and your struggle in life to leave your footprints on the sand of time bearing in mind that there is alot in a good name.

Happy Birthday my friend!

From your friend, Umar Yakubu Ali, (Lokoja) with love.

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