Dr Safiya Stephanie Musa: Open Letter to Queen Saphy

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Dear Queen Saphy,

You have been a consistent campaigner for good governance, rule of law and anti corruption in the country using your various media platforms, unlike some opportunists, who, once they are accommodated by the system become so protective of the status quo that one would begin to wonder where their principles and sense of humanity have gone!

Even though you have not held any public office, by my own reckoning, for one to be clear of the exceptionalism that you would have been, the fact that as a former Buharist, you refused to be conscripted into the blind followership of that group as most members have continued to display even in the face of the man’s obvious derailment, vindictiveness, maladministration, visionlessness, coupled with his nepotism is a source of inspiration and administration for me.

From my following of your social media updates, you have, unlike others, refused to be uncritical when the man that most Nigerians have invested much hope in his ability to turn the country positively derailed and began to punish the people through anti people policies including manifest condoning of corruption and nepotism.

Other Buharists have since become silent or stuck to the blind followership that is leading us to nowhere.

Nothing demonstrates the foolishness of such blind followers than their sustained applause of the man’s policy even when he deliberately and fragrantly disobeyed our constitution by constituting himself as the state and decides which court judgements to obey and disobey at will.

While some of us saw no basis for such raw display of archaic feature of an emperor that succeeded in cowing majority of the people including old Protestants against such  misrule and dictatorship, you never really tone down, even as some of us were concerned with your safety and advised for toning down.

But the validation of the importance of such consistence and unquenchable principle was when the dictator, faced with superior forces bowed recently and belatedly acknowledged the superiority of the rule of law over personal discretion in running a state. His order for the release of Dasuki and Sowore after several repudiations, when faced with the threats of such denials by members of the international community is a vivid example of the temporal nature of lies over truth. What has changed to warrant his change of mind, is the rational question?

Congratulations to people like you who had the liver to talk true to power and had voices that could stay opposite while others were foolishly seeking for non existent recognition. Meanwhile, no recognition can be more than that which is an outcome of truth and persistence built on principle.

To me, that’s the one you have demonstrated in the recent and ongoing campaign to have a nation where the rule of law and due process prevails.
Compliments of the season, Dear Queen!

– Sani Abdallah

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