Dr. Omede Calls for Restructuring of Medical and Dental Council

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A former President of Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), Dr. Idris Omede, fnma, has called for the restructuring of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.
Omede made the call as a speaker on ‘Professional Regulation, Doctor’s Stamp and Medical Quackery’ at the 2018 Physician’s Week in Yola.
The immediate past President, Association of Professional Bodies in Nigeria (APBN) charged the regulatory body to stamp out quackery in the medical profession.
He stated that regulation is the cornerstone for professional excellence in training, productivity, research and service delivery, noting that the medical and dentistry profession has been indigenously regulated in Nigeria since 1963 to the present time. He added that since 2004, the regulation include alternate medicine.
He stated that regulation through General Medical Council of Britain has been in place since 1902.
He observed that in Nigeria, some regulatory professions such as accounting, banking and taxation combine regulatory and professional associations function while in some professions like medicine and dentistry, pharmacy and nursing/midwifery, the regulatory body are separate from the associations or society but the association are clearly specified in the Act of the profession.
He lamented over  government non reconstitution of some regulatory councils, such as Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria, Pharmaceutical Council of Nigeria amongst others over three years after their dissolution, despite the fact that these councils are to operate in perpetuity.
Dr Omede Idris, who is also a former Commissioner of Health, Kogi state and the immediate past President of Association of Professional Bodies of Nigeria (APBN), calls for the reconstitution of yet to be reconstituted councils by the Federal Government.
“This has made mockery of the roles, functions and responsibilities of the council as many regulated functions are left unattended. The need to observe the continuity of the councils cannot be overemphasized,” he said.
In the same vein, he called on medical and dental practitioners to use the security coded doctor specific doctor’s stamp. The stamp is mandatory for all practitioners to use on reports, referral letter, excuse duty, investigation reports, certificate of fitness and death certificate to authenticate the source and stamp out or minimize fake reports from quacks or unlicensed practitioners.
In addressing medical quackery, he stated that medical quackery has created lots of damage to the health of unsuspecting or suspecting victims that patronize the quacks.
He said medical quackery thrives in various places for the purpose of meeting life ambition or dream, prestige or title designation, financial benefits or as a result of community influence or recognition.
In addition to the doctor’s stamp to address medical quackery, Omede called for enforcement of appropriate legislation, political will and non interference by the government, cooperation by the security organizations, proactive and vigilant relevant ministries and professional association, active inspectorate and monitoring department of the Ministry of Health. Other key considerations community sensitization and awareness, community involvement and active participation in stamping out medical quackery from their communities.
The Adamawa state chairman of NMA, Dr Tonde Elijah, in his address at the occasion, emphasized the significance and importance of universal health care to improve the health status of people particularly at primary health care level through access, availability and affordability of health needs.
He appreciated the Adamawa state government for her efforts to reposition health in the state and support to NMA.
The opening ceremony of the week-long event was attended by the state governor, members of the state executive council, members of the NMA and invited guests. The Vice Chancellor of Modibbo Adamawa University of Technology, represented by Prof Shehu, chaired the opening ceremony.
The week continued with free medical and dental outreach to  the North and Central senatorial areas of the state,
including Yola, the state capital.

Adamawa state governor, NMA Executive and past President NMA, Dr Omede Idris

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