Don’t Miss 2018 Interactive Forum, General Assembly – ODA Charges Okun Patriots

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By Gideon Ayodele.
The National Executive of Okun Development Association (ODA) led by Barrister Femi Mokikan has sent a special call to all Okun sons and daughters to ensure that they are part of the forthcoming Interactive Forum/Annual General Assembly slated to hold between 2nd and 23rd November, 2018 as it promises to witness community engagement being re-written in Okun land.
The president however stated reasons why the event must not be missed.
According to him, the forum will avail Okun sons and daughter an opportunity for interaction with those of our brethren that have put themselves forward to represent us in the various elective offices at national and state levels.
He also stated that conversations on what to do to become an employer of labor as against searching for that elusive office job. Or if anyone just started his/her own business, want to know how to grow such business, the various papers and lectures will expose them to the opportunities that abound. MaKing examples of Dangote who started as a one man business, employing a handful of individuals and Seven- Up. Today both companies, he said are multi plants operations with employees in their thousands.
Another reason why the meeting must not be missed is that members must hold the Executive  elected into office a little over a year ago accountable. How did they manage the funds and other resources you entrusted in their care during this period? These he said should be of interest and concern for all members.
Mokikan said that the Executive also need all members at the Forum/AGA so that they can guide them more in our collective journey into the future.

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