Dino Melaye Celebrates His Reconciliation With Remi Tinubu

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Dino Melaye is a pub delight, anyday. More often than not, he offers priceless materials for the ubiquitous bar gossip and jokes. On his best day, his words would make your flesh creep the few times he fails to tickle you by his sidesplitting diatribes.

Yes, there is something about Senator Melaye that rankles feminists and the womenfolk. Contemporary feminists would allege that he bares his mind and brandishes his manhood like the antlers of a wild buck. Less judgmental folks would simply dismiss him as a man emotionally stuck at age 14 or thereabouts. Whatever anyone thinks, his alleged attack against fellow senator and two-time first lady of Lagos State, Remi Tinubu, further diminishes Melaye in the estimation of his peer and even the younger generation. Melaye, in a fit of anger, allegedly threatened to beat Senator Tinubu up and impregnate her.

However, the two senators we gathered have ‘settled’ the fight. In a photograph captioned ‘With Senator Remi Tinubu’, which Dino posted on the social media, their brown eyes held on the spot where the chandeliers bathed the guests in brilliant spokes of light. Sparks of hatred got doused in the luminous blaze of their heartfelt smiles. No one ever thought that Remi could pull off a public show of burying the hatchet.

Picture of their ‘make up’ elicited widespread commentary and shrieks of awe among the nation’s ruling class and citizenry. But whatever anyone thinks, the recent episode involving Remi and Dino emphasises the fact that, in politics, there are no permanent friends or enemies.

Credit: Thisday

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