Dekina/Bassa: A Constituency in Search of A Voice, Not An Echo

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In recent times, the Nigerian contemporary society is clouded with abundant echoes in the political sphere; these echoes play pivotal roles in the development of our present day society.

These echoes because of some factors like misconduct of election have gained prominence in Nigerian society and, it is now difficult for the helpless masses to differentiate between an Echo and an Voice thereby bequeathing warped and shabby representing at various level of our democratic scene.

It is paramount to note that no matter how powerful an echo is, it can never submerge the gentle impact of a Voice. Where there is no voice, lies are unstoppable, violence, cheating and other vices held-sway, where there’s strong and fearless voice, every form of upheavals are truncated without compromise.

Having a voice is equal to having the development, empowerment, employment, and improvement in all the systems that are left within a democratic web.

Without mincing words, the previous representatives from Dekina/Bassa Federal Constituency in the National assembly have devised strategies to bring dividends of democracy closer to the teaming population, but it’s now time to do it a more different and regimented way.

We must Learn to give credibility a chance so that every form of Echoes can be eliminated for the Voice to make palpable impacts in the lives of the masses in Dekina/Bassa Federal Constituency.

Without prejudice, it is sacrosanct to note that, Comrade Usman Okai Austin, is a Voice, looking back in a glance, his impact in the previous years is not remarkable, it also probes those pesting our Democratic history.

HIs voice have been recognized within and outside this country; acknowledging his doggedness and impact in the lives of Humanities. In all sincerity, we ought to listen to the Voice, give credibility a chance by having him elected as a member representing Dekina/Bassa Federal Constituency 2023.

His impact, voice can be equated to that of Prince Abubakar Audu, of blessed memory. Let us support the truth for an adequate and sincere representation.

He is tested and trusted !

– Audu Ufedo Joseph.

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