Dekina/Bassa 2023 is Not About Austin Okai, But Biraidu District – Group

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….Appeals to Okura, Dekina Districts to be their brother’s keeper

Despite controlling major votes that always determined the winner of election from Dekina-Bassa Federal constituency or Dekina local government, Biraidu District has never produced a House of Representatives nor Senator.

This is a worrying situation for analysts because if you have major votes to make or mar the winner of the election, they should be able to produce House of Representatives to represent them at the federal level, or better still, Senator.

Biraidu Development Forum (BDF), in a statement signed by Sani Onekutu, said it is important to note that Biraidu has always witnessed marginalization in the past which is believed to have weighed down political emotions of the political key players and populace in the district.

According to Onekutu, Ogbabede in Biraidu is one of the deciding wards in Dekina local government in any election, yet most neglected ward in Dekina.

“Does it mean Biraidu District does not have someone to represent them at the Green or Red Chamber? Certainly no. They have many and I think they believe in due process.

“One of the beautiful things about Nigerian politics is that if your brother is not in the government, you can’t have good taste in it, all you have are bitter sides of it and that is the reason northerners who have the majority vote in this country produce president always. We must get it right this time,” he said.

Reviewing voting strength of each district in the LGA and political representation, Onekutu argued that Biraidu is yet to get a fair share in representation.

“Going by history, Dekina Local Government Area is politically divided into three districts namely Dekina, Okura and Biraidu Districts.

“Data analysis presents the numerical political values of each ward and also tends to present the political representation in the elective offices in Dekina LGA. In Biraidu District, Abocho Ward boasts of 29 polling units, Ogbabede Ward has 31 polling units, Emewe Ward parades 19 polling units. All summed up shows Biraidu District have 79 polling units representing 36% of the LGA voting strength.

“In Okura District, Adumu Ward has 14 polling units, Anyigba Ward spreads through 27 polling units, Ojikpadala Ward boasts of 11 polling units while Okura Olafia Ward parades 15 polling units, all representing 31% of the LGA voting strength with a total of 67 polling units.

“In Dekina District, Dekina Ward boast of 16 polling units, Iyale Ward parades 17 polling units, Odu Ward I sits on 11 polling units, Odu Ward II has 10 polling units and Ogane Inigu Ward with 18 polling units. In total, Dekina District boast of 71 polling units representing 33% of the LGA voting strength.

“Talking about representation in the Senate, Senator Alex Kadiri (1999-2003) hails from Dekina District, Senator Nicholas Yahaya Ugbane (2003-2011) is from Okura District, while incumbent Senator Jibrin Echocho (2019-till date) hails from Dekina District. Biraidu District is nowhere in the upper chamber.

“Coming to our federal constituency, Dekina-Bassa House of Representatives seat, Isaac Gimba (1999-2007) is from Bassa. Hon Positive Ihiabe (2007-2011) hails from Dekina District, Hon Tom Zekeri (2011-2015) is from Dekina District as well. Hon Benjamin Ikani Okolo (2015-2019) is from Okura District as well as Hon Hassan Abdullahi (2019-till date). Still, Biraidu District is not there,” he explained.

The group appealed to Dekina-Bassa electorate to consider Biraidu district for the reps seat in 2023.

“The forthcoming election is not about Usman Okai Austin CCA. It is not about PDP, but is about why Biraidu district should be given its due position and place in Dekina local government.

“We appeal to our brothers and sisters in Dekina district to consider Biraidu district and elect Austin Okai for us in 2023.

“Similarly, appeal to our brothers and sisters in the Okura district to be their brothers’ keeper and stand by Okai in 2023.

“Let Biraidu also be given a sense of belonging in 2023, we are not asking too much. We should be allowed to have someone from Biraidu in the Federal House of representatives in 2023.”

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