Dear GYB, a Stitch in Time Saves Nine

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I bring special greetings to you, H.E Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello. 

I will try to make this as short as possible so it doesn’t bore you sir. 

Firstly, the level your people (the Ebiras) are going on the social media space with this ethnic bigotry inside politics is becoming very unsafe for Kogites especially at a time like this.

This ethnic bigotry some of your people are championing on social media today with direct insults pelting at the largest ethnic group in Kogi was as a result of the speech you made the other day informing your people openly in your dialect that you will never allow anybody relegate the Ebiras again, that not under your watch would that happen. That was the genesis of this whole ethnic crisis that’s making some obnoxious Ebiras speak to the Igalas with no trace of respect or whatsoever.

At this juncture, it is imperative you call your people to order and warn them to desist from insulting the entire Igala ethnic group as a whole. The polity is tensed already and you as the Chief Security Officer of the state need to use 2-3 of your kinsmen fermenting troubles as scape-goat in the hands of DSS to teach others lessons.

Sir, how do you expect your foot soldiers from the East to canvass votes for the APC Guber candidate with the level this is going or do you have any other special or calculated means you want to use to win the forthcoming guber election?

If the November election becomes a full tribal matter, I doubt your foot soldiers can do much in the forthcoming election except they are not being honest to you with fake promises as usual, but in all sincerity, I tell you this, there’s a need to take prompt action before this gets out of hand.

Sir, you will also recall the election that brought you to power didn’t take much life of people except that of Late Prince Abubakar Audu (an Igala man) which heralded you into this opportunity you currently enjoy via inherited votes. Sir, it’s those same Igala people who made you in 2015, the same people who made you become who are today that your people (The Ebiras) are raining curses and heavy insults on and you ain’t saying nothing. It’s important to note that no election is worth nobody’s blood.

Sir, I don’t know if your foot soldiers around you are scared to tell you the truth but if this attitude continues, I doubt APC can retain power after 2023 and I don’t also believe you are under any form of strong otumokpo which is making you not to see the handwriting on the wall already. It is not enough to field an unpopular candidate with insults from the minority targeted at the largest majority, yet expect a miracle to happen during the Kogi Guber election.

Whilst I remain a staunch APC member who wouldn’t want to deceive himself ahead of the guber election, it’s important I drop this content at least let it not be like no one mentioned it should APC fail to deliver by November because sir, if Central votes is merged with West and Dino’s effect in the West without the East, APC stands defeated in the next governorship election. No cap💯

This is why I am writing to you sir to caution your people who are obviously the least minority of the State to soft pedal and possibly desist from any form of derogatory remarks/messages online or offline which could stir anger and unrest for Kogi as a whole especially Kogi East because without Kogi East, I doubt any miracle will happen by November especially now that the people are beginning to see this election as an ethnic battle. 

Sir, If there’s one thing I never do all my life is living in self-denial. All I have penned down here today is nothing but the truth. I hope this gets to you in good fate. No hard feelings, no bad blood but just an unpopular opinion as usual. 

Thank you, Y.E Alhaji Yahaya Bello 

– Israel Okayi
Agba Blogger

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