Day 7: Bunu People Deserve Clean and Safe Water Supply

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The substance known as water is one of the most essential elements to health and it is so important that human body actually has a specific drought management system that helps to prevent dehydration and ensure our survival. Water makes up more than two thirds of human body weight, and without water, we would die in a few days. The human brain is made up of 95% water; blood is 82% and lungs 90%. A mere 2% drop in our body’s water supply can trigger signs of dehydration: fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with basic math, and difficulty focusing on smaller printout, such as a computer screen.
Water is important to the mechanics of the human body. The body cannot work without it, just as a car cannot run without gas and oil. In fact, all the cell and organ functions that make up our entire anatomy and physiology depend on water for their functioning. Water serves as a lubricant in digestion and almost all other body processes. When dehydrated, the body rations water away from the joints. Less lubrication equals greater friction and that can cause joint, knee and back pain potentially leading to injuries and arthritis. No wonder it is said that no water, no life!
Since water is such an important component to our physiology, it would make sense that the quality of the water should be just as important as the quantity. Seeing the importance of good and clean water to the survival of human being, it is very pertinent for the governments at all levels to come to the aid of Bunu people in providing us with potable water as this has served as a great threat to our survival. Hardly can any community, out of the over forty towns and villages in Bunu land, boast of functional bore holes and tap water facilities in this modern age. Our people still trek for kilometers in order to fetch drinking water from stream and rivers which are mostly contaminated by cows and their herdsmen. Those who could afford to dig well in their compounds still face scarcity of water during dry season as other members of the community also depend largely on the same water for survival since majority of the people are subsistent farmers who cannot afford to dig good well nor construct functional bore holes for themselves.
So many people are frequently admitted into hospital for diverse water borne diseases due to lack of good drinking water supply. Bunu is crying out loud to the government to provide us with clean water as our drinking water should always be clean and free of contaminants to ensure proper health and wellness.
#Enough is Enough#
– Ogede1 writing from Bunu

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