Dare Michael, a Loquacious Man Who Smacks of Illiteracy

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My attention has been drawn to a rather spurious statement from the ever loquacious Barr. Zacchaeus Dare Micheal AKA 501, wherein he said that the Kogi State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP has long been dead and rejected.

I find this very statement from a known political jobber and a serial bootlicker who sings praises of his oppressors for a living, very watery and at best, laughable. It is safe to say that the position of Dare Micheal 501 completely smacks of illiteracy. 

For the sake of clarity, let me school the semi-learned Barrister Dare Micheal on the concept of a “caretaker committee”. The dictionary definition of “caretaker” is simply “a person employed to temporarily look after”. However, I am not surprised that 501 in his usual drunken state couldn’t find time to do a simple search on Google to save himself of this embarrassment.

The concept of a caretaker committee is not new within the political spectrum. It is a measure of fairness that has been instituted by PDP to ensure that there is peace, stability, and seamless management of the affairs of the Party during transitions. 

Barr. Dare belongs to the category of “happy slaves”, as categorised by his very own party stalwart, Senator Smart Adeyemi. Barr. Dare is a pretentious and meddlesome pharisee who has ignored the log in his own eyes and is busy searching for a speck in another person’s eyes.

It is disheartening that for a man who claimed to have passed through the four walls of a tertiary institution and also parade himself as one who is around the “corridors of power” in Kogi State, couldn’t understand that a caretaker chairman must not necessarily be someone from the State. 

Personally, I am not surprised by such an embarrassing show of ignorance on the part of Barr. Dare who has become a complete burden and liability to the noble Law profession. He has always been a praise-singer who will descend to any low-level to get his hands on the pot of morsels. 

With lots of love and respect, I sympathize with the physically-challenged whom Dare has been appointed to oversee their administrative affairs. One is forced to question the sanity of such questionable and distasteful character who can’t even decipher the meaning of “caretaker”.

Dare Micheal and his confused party have a lot to learn in party administration. He should not infect innocent citizens with his jaundiced ignorance.

– David Itopa, a PDP chieftain, writes from Abuja.

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