Crack in OPC Again as Group Urge Gani Adams to Step Down

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There is seemingly a very big crack in the wall of the Odua People’s Congress (OPC) which is fast culminating into serious crisis currently rocking the organisation and if not nib in the bud may tear the hitherto dread Yoruba self determination group fighting Yoruba course in era of June 12 apart.

This might not be with allegations and counter allegations from within, indicating that all is not well for now and until the leadership of group was able to clarify some knotty issues begging for further explaination.
Investigations however revealed that the crisis is already brewing as a result allegation and roles the national coordinator of Odua People’s Congress, Otunba Gani Adam had allegedly played during the 2015 general elections where a lot of money was said to have exchange hands between the power that be then and leadership of OPC.
It was gathered that perior to that time there was existing standing order that Odua People’s Congress should be apolitical and remain socio-cultural and self determination group to protect Yoruba interest when the need arises.
Apparently not satisfied with turn of events within OPC, some aggrieved group of people particularly the zonal coordinators in South West and part North Central states are not happy the way and manner in which hitherto vibrant organisation has turned into money making venture contrary to the tenents of Odua People’s Congress(OPC).
The group disclosed that National Coordinator led the fight against the founder OPC Dr. Fredrick Fasun on allegation that he was romancing with the former President Olusegun Obasanjo and even collected undisclosed amount of money then, stressing that this brought faction to OPC till date.
Sources hinted that it was efforts of the then Governor of Ogun State,Otunba Gbenga Daniel who reconciled the warring faction of OPC a.d brought them back to fold.
It was learnt that Otunba Adams enjoyed the support of the youths because they believed that he would lead OPC to a greater height and while the crisis lasted between the two factions many loyalists lost their lives.
They lamented that if Adams could challenged the Founder, Dr. Faseun then, he Otunba Adams should voluntarily relinquish his the position of the national coordinator for those with fresh ideas to lead the organisation following on the ignoble role played by him during the electioneering campaign in 2015 by collecting billions of Naira.
“If the National Coordinator who accused the Founder, Dr. Faseun of romancing with President Obasanjo led administration and collected huge amount of money. Then those of us who are courageous enough must ask him to step aside for committing the same offence he alleged Dr. Fasun had committed years.”
Sources also disclosed that the current crisis rocking OPC in last year or there or there about might not unconnected with money Otunba Gani Adams was allegedly collected from the immediate past President Goodluck Jonathan whch was diverted by him without giving a dime to the member.
Similarly the National Coordinator was alleged to have collected a mouth watering pipelines contracts from the past administration, also selected members from different zones to monitor the Pipelines from Lagos to Ibadan, refused to pay them up till date.
The group was said to have also been infuriated by attitude of the National Coordinator by boosting at every public fora that he has become one of billionaires in the country and the time has come to work for himself, while the majority of the members are languishing in abject poverty.
What is good for goose, is a good for gander. We had earlier suggested to the National Coordinator that there should be empowerment programme for youth members by purchasing tricycles (keke Marwa),motorcycles and other working tools that can assist them to be self reliant, but this turned into deaf ears of Otunba Adams.
On the annual cultural activities being celebrated in Yoruba towns, the group pointed out that members were taxed to raise money for such activities,but instead of the national coordinator rather collect from the contributions of the members.
“These and many other things are disturbing the minds of many of us. We feel we can not continue to suffer in silence that is why we are calling for his resignation. He must go now. Though we have decided not to engage in violence again”,they stressed.
It was equally learnt that the Paramount Ruler and Oni of Ile Ife, the Royal Majesty, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi at an occasion at his palace has warned Otunba Gani Adams to conduct himself properly.
But in swift reaction to a newspaper report, the Director of Media and Public Affairs to Oni of Ife, Mr. Moses Olafare has debunked the rumour making that the the Royal Father has ordered Gani Adams to resign.
“The Ooni of Ife, His Imperial Majesty Ooni Adeyeye Ogunwusi Ojaja II refuted a newspaper report in which he was quoted to have ordered Otunba Gani Adams to vacate his position as the National Coordinator of the Oodua People’s Congress(OPC)”.
“Ooni of Ife Oba Ogunwusi made this known in a statement released by his director of media and public affairs comrade Moses Olafare described Gani Adams as an unapologetic loyalist of Ooni’risa saying the veteran Yoruba Self-determinationist Adams has invested so much of resources into the socio-cultural emancipation of Oodua race and can only be treated with a deserved reciprocation of love and respect as a patriotic Ooduan who has never hesitated to demonstrate love and respect to the sacred throne of Oduduwa.
“Baba Ooni never at anytime claimed to have ordered Otunba Gani Adams to resign as the Leader of the OPC. He sees him as an unapologetic loyalist son who has always treated him as his father with love and absolute respect.
“Otunba Adams is a great Ooduan and veteran Oodua Self-determinationist who has invested so much the socio-cultural emancipation of the Oodua race. That is why we have always welcomed him as a member of the inner chamber of the Ooni’s Palace” Olafare said.
On the request by a factional group of OPC members on a visit to the Ooni at Ile-Ife recently begging him to intervene in the OPC matters, the Yoruba foremost king admonished all the factions within the Pan-Yoruba group to close ranks and work together as one big family in the interest of unity and peace in Yorubaland.
“Baba said to them to close ranks in the interest of peace and unity of Yorubaland. He assured them of his fatherly support at all time as long as the unity of Yorubaland is not in jeopardy. Kabiyesi Ooni’risa is even expecting the members of OPC, and the members of Oodua Progressives Union (OPU) as well as the members of Olokun Festival Foundation at the annual Oodua Festival slated for January 25th and 26th in Ile-Ife”. Olafare added.
However efforts to get in touch with the National Coordinator, Otunba Gani Adams to state his side of the story proved abortive.
Credit: Tunde Adebayo

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