COVID-19: All Hope Is Not Lost

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The history of human existence on earth has not been bereft of obstacles and near drowning challenges. The two most dominant religions (Christianity and Islam) is a lucid attestation to the opening school of thought featured in this discourse.

For instance, tales, allusions and reflections anchored on health challenges, famine and war are historical subject of ponder in the Holy Bible; the Holy Quran also captured same. Hence, crisis and health challenges are headlines that correlates human existence perhaps in the strive for perfection.  

Coronavirus (COVID19) was first discovered in China from where it later spread its ugly tentacles to all regions of the world without cure. Diverging opinions will continue to emerge even at the end of the inherent global pandemic but these debate and perception is weighed on the margins of personal thoughts or introspection that may not have nexus to the subject matter.

For the first time in a century, the world is on standstill courtesy of COVID-19 but preventive measures is the best option especially at this critical time of contemporary assessment filled with baseless argument and counter opinions. 

The skyrocketing figures of casualties recorded so far since the outbreak of Coronavirus is alarming and no country  needs a soothsayer to preach healthy living to its citizenry because the ravaging effect of the global pandemic is obvious even to the blind. Now that the world is yet to find cure or an efficacious vaccine to prevent the virus, it is advisory for saner human beings who are not doubting the effects of Coronavirus to maintain healthy living. 

Furthermore, the lingering miscalculation fashioned by proponents of discord and disunity should be trashed; it is a virus and its origin is known.

Whether it was manufactured to reduce world population as acclaimed in some quarters of public opinion should not be the bone of contention. The supposed interest at the moment should be the interest of all countries nationals in searching for a cure. All hope is not lost even though there is cause for alarm. The best option is to stay safe by observing social distancing which have proven effective overtime.

The old parlance of ‘prevention is better than cure’ should be brought to the fore because Coronavirus is real and can only be defeated by maintaining healthy living; build your immune system through exercises and avoidance of sedentary lifestyles.

Indeed, it is a another challenging moment for the world but instead of throwing empty banters and blame game it will be more prudent for researchers and scientists to enable fusion of ideas by craving for a cure.

The focal lens of medical scientists should not be narrowed down as near innovations of various countries but a cross exposure of ideas is the best template at such a critical moment. Citizens should note that the figure is rising and the only cure is to stay safe as the world anticipate an efficacious vaccine.

– Ajogwu Jerry Ochada

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