COVID-19: The Danger Faced by Government Established Hospitals in Kogi State

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Corona virus is the latest virus that has taken over the world, subjecting persons across the whole world to fear. The virus has reportedly infected some notable Nigerian personalities and has the possibility of spreading down to the category of the “have not” (the poor) if not curtailed quickly, either by discovery of the vaccine or the curative drugs.

The Virus has entered into several countries around the world with records of death of its victims. The Zoonotic virus currently wrecking havoc across the globe has led to the gradual crash of our fragile sociopolitical cum economic activities of our dear country Nigeria and the world at large. It so happened that our markets are shutdown, civil service partially shutdown and courts shutdown but open to matters of urgency.

COVID-19, which is also known as Corona Virus, is not being taken serious in the government hospitals as hospitals own by Kogi State are not prepared to be preventive by failing to provide the necessary materials to protect the staff of the hospitals from the contagious Virus.

I have been to Kogi State Teaching Hospital Anyigba, Ankpa General Hospital, Egume, Idah General Hospital and that of Dekina General Hospital all in Kogi East within this bad season of Corona Virus. It is crystal clear that the Hospitals are not equipped with the preventive materials such as Hand sanitizers, face masks and others. In fact, it is seen within the Eastern flank of the State that private Hospitals are more serious and well oriented and organized on the issue of the deadly COVID-19 as you will see them providing all these materials for their staff knowing well that as health workers their lives are always at risk.

In my findings about the State own Hospitals their workers categorically told me that there is no provision made by the management in respect of those materials for their safety and that their lives are at risk.

In all these, where does the blame lies, with the State or the Hospital management? I am personally not constrained to apportion blame on the State as the State is duty bound to make sure all these materials are provided and properly utilized by the hospitals across the State since it bothers on life of the workers and that of the Kogi people.

We shouldn’t forget that if a staff of a hospital is infected with the Virus, the Hospital and the host community is at risk in the first place.

In all I passionately ask the state government to make provision for the urgent distribution of available preventive materials to all government owned health centers in the State first, to avoid any heart breaking stories, for at last it will not only be an embarrassment on the State, but will also be construed that we have an insensitive government (God forbid).

The prompt reaction of the state to my demand will not only save the hospitals staff, but will go a long way to save Kogi people and Nigerians at large. 

– Arome Odoma Esq., a Human Right Lawyer, writes from Lokoja.

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