COVID-19: Issues and Way Forward Globally

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There is no other time than now, where we face serious challenges in our global and national lives as a result of this corona virus pandemic.Reasons are not far fetched with individuals, groups, nations contributing to the occurrence of these emerging and re emerging infections, amongst these reasons are:

1. Intra national rivalries leading to cold wars between nations,

2. Negligence to environmental health services, 

3. Corruption at all spheres of our national lives

4. Unorganized medical care,

5. Poor funding of the health sector,6. Lack of fear of God

6. Protracted ignorance in the various strata of our human society,

7. Lack of sincerity and truth in whatever we do 

8.Divergent anthropogenic activities amongst others. 

Consequently, today we suffer total lockdown globally, economic recession, starvation, massive destruction of precious lives, tormenting fears, lack of freedom socially and religiously. What a tragedy caused by depravity of man and distorted human behaviours!

How I wish we can personally learn permanently from this present calamity!


To individuals:

1.The present global corona virus infection is real , you better believe before your negligence destroy you, 

2. Observe social distancing(staying about two metres from every person)

3. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water,

4. Apply hand sanitizers (alcohol based) often, 

5. Cover your nose and mouth with nose muff where necessary, 

6. Avoid crowd,

7. Everyone needs to examine oneself and repent and turn to our maker(God) by refraining from evils,8.Let all be involved in health education.


Let us come out of our comfort zones and help our nation(s). 

1. By active participation in health campaign against corona viruses, lassa fever and other communicable disease, 

2. Observance of universal safety precautions 

3. Paying advocacy and sensitization visits on policy makers and decision makers to do the needful NOW. 

4. Avoid professional rivalries, let us collaborate. 

And to government at all levels, please take proactive, pragmatic and progressive steps with the following: 

1. Employ adequate number of Environmental Health Officers (EHO) according to World Health Organisation (WHO) specifications ega.  One (1) EHO to 8000 population, b. One (1) physician to 1000 population, c. One (1) nurse to two (2)patients etc,

2. Build standard and well equipped hospitals in our nations 

3. Establish Waste Recycling plants in all states of the federation, 

4. Shun corruption, especially now, let us make use of monies given out to save lives religiously and judiciously. 

5. Quickly procure equipment and chemical for disinfection, 

6. purchase adequate hand sanitizers and face masks for the people, 

7. Mobilise Environmental Health Officers, Doctors and other professionals now for intensive health education and health care,

8. Adequate budgetary allocation of government to Health and Environmental Health and religiously implementing them.

9. Pursuance of sincerity and truth in all our dealings, the reality is here with us, 

10. Above all , let us fear God and put behind unnecessary acquisition of wealth that we may never utilize or need. 


– Dr Nuhu Solomon Anyegwu
Deputy  National President, Environmental Health Officers Association of Nigeria, (EHOAN) and President EHOAN Kogi State Chapter.

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