Continuing Kogi’s New Direction: Prof. Stephen Ocheni, the Experienced, Qualified Aspirant to Lead the Way

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Kogi State has been on a trajectory of progress and development under the “New Direction” government led by Governor Yahaya Bello. Multi-million dollar projects have been completed, and the state has seen significant improvements across various sectors. The success of this government can be attributed, in part, to the caliber of people in its administration, including the experienced and highly qualified Prof. Stephen Ocheni.

Prof. Ocheni’s wealth of experience is evident in his previous role in the administration of the late Prince Abubakar Audu, where he contributed significantly to the success story of the government. He has also served as a Minister in the present administration, further showcasing his commitment to the development of Kogi State.

As a man who knows Kogi State like the back of his palm, Prof. Ocheni is the ideal candidate to continue and consolidate on the New Direction government’s successes. His exposure and travels both within and outside Nigeria have given him a unique perspective on governance, and his educational qualifications as a university Don and administrative guru cannot be overemphasized.

Prof. Ocheni’s track record and experience in politics demonstrate that he is not a baby politician, but rather, a seasoned administrator who is more than capable of taking Kogi State to greater heights. With him at the helm, Kogi State can be assured of continuity and progress in its development journey.

In conclusion, the need for the continuation of Kogi State’s great legacies and success cannot be overemphasized. Prof. Stephen Ocheni is the perfect candidate to lead Kogi State towards continued development and success. The people of Kogi State would do well to support his candidacy and elect him as their next leader.

– Mary Amodu Omakoji, a Journalist/Communication Consultant, writes from Abuja.

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